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Full Version: Pet Freindly East Coast
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I am new here. I used to camp with a tent, but to old to do that now. I live in a condo so I am looking for places to rent a cabint, one that you can take your small pet. I live in MD so I am looking for places close to here, VA, WV, PA,DE, NJ.

I saw a couple places in PA but you could not take your dog in there cottages.

I read the blog about the person who does not like dog friendly places due to the lack of owner clean up. I have that problem where I live. I think it is a lack of some people's good sense. We also have a problem with people not controlling there kids. laugh.gif

Thanks for any ideals you have

John S.
I think i will be hard to find a cabin that lets pets in. I have not come across any so far.
There are some places that allow pets in cabins, but they are few and far between. We rented one for 2 days when we were on a trip because we had to put the MH in the repair shop. The cg we were at had cabins that allowed pets. Unfortunately this was not anywhere near the states the OP was asking about.
QUOTE(Texasrvers @ May 9 2010, 01:40 PM) *

Unfortunately this was not anywhere near the states the OP was asking about.

I have the same location issue. Know of cabin/park models in Astoria that allow pets. Of course folks are renting for more than a weekend, (usually for the summer) and I believe pay a refundable deposit up front. Just like renting a nice appartment.

Not all RV parks are as progressive as rental properties in regards to children and pets. All depends upon the market they are reaching out to.
Katts - Even with that name, I am assuming your small pet is a dog. If so and if Rutherfordton, NC, is not too far for you to travel, you might consider Four Paws Kingdom. They rent out cabins and WANT you to bring your dog with you. This place is totally dog friendly, owned by a dog trainer and her husband. Everyone you meet there is a dog person and everyone picks up after their pets and, with several large fenced-in off-leash areas (including a spring-fed pond), the dogs have a ball all day long and sleep solid all the night. Our dog loves this place and so do we. Check it out on the review site here.

If your small pet is a cat, however, then you should probably keep looking elsewhere. While we did bring one of our cats with us once, it was only because we had no one available at home at that time to give him shots twice a day. Four Paws really is dog-centered. Sorry.
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