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Full Version: Allegro (tiffin) Rv Park Exact Location
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AllegroMap :
The map generated from the RV Parks Review page is not remotely correct.
Look about 5000 feet north and you will see the facility and campground.
Off Hwy 24, you turn North on 4th street, also known as Golden Road and CR-3 and West 4th Street and 4th Street NW. .
The office is at NW 7th St and 4th St. If you miss the turn, don't worry, Just turn West on Gates St and that is where the dry camping area is, so you can easily turn around and go back.
The streets in the town are confusing since there could be 3, 4th streets of some variety.
There are several small signs on Hwy 24 pointing out the turn.
In addition, some GPS systems consider Highway 24 and CR-3 secondary roads or worse. Hwy 24 West from Decatur, AL is part 4 lane.
My GPS thought CR-3 was gravel or something and did not want to use it to get to go west into Mississippi where it becomes Hwy 366. It is a perfect road.
If you need diesel, you can stop just south of the Tiffin Facility and Allegro Park for fuel. Don't try to use the pump in back of a station on 3rd street. Too Tight.
There is a great Mexican restaurant, La Estancia, about 2 blocks south on 4th Street, (912 4th Street NW). $5.99 lunch buffet and reasonable prices at night.
There is a McDonalds and the Piggly Wiggly has a carryout meat and veggie lunch they serve from a steam table..
Click to view attachmentHere is an attempt at a map.
Thank you for this information. The correction has been made.

The new pin setting for Allegro Campground looks like it is right on the place that you marked on your map. However, it has come to our attention that the pin may still not be right. So will you please look at the map again and let us know if it is or is not in the right place. The location looks like a parking lot, but I am assuming it is that way because it is in conjunction with a dealership.

There is a symbol and label on the map for Allegro Campground, but this is where the pin was previously and apparently that is not correct. It does not appear there is a campground at the location.

If anyone else is absolutely sure about this cg location, you are welcome to chime in.

Thanks for your help.
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