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Full Version: Verizon Droid
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Florida Native
I was due a new phone and got the new Verizon Droid. I was wondering if anybody else has it and what do they think. It has GPS with voice commands, email, internet access (unlimited for $29.95/month which is onlyy $15 more than I was paying for email only). It will take me a while to figure it out. Our 3 month trip delayed again as I have to get a new rear end in m truck. So far the Droid looks great.
Hi Lindsay,

It gets great reviews. There are also ways to tether it to a laptop. Verizon is, at least for now, ignoring this "extra" feature.

It would be a terrible thing to see the "Lindsay Pole" become a relic of the past......
Oh no, you can't get rid of the Lindsay pole. What would Nancy do for something to hold up? laugh.gif
Florida Native
My pattented pole will still be in use when when we have WiFi available. I have been playing with this phone and it is amazing. Still small for web surfing, but I can see the webpages very well. I am still amazed about it. I'll probably even enjoy it even better if I read the instruction manual.
I got my Droid the first morning they came out - love it.
Florida Native
They are so complicated. I have down loaded some apps, but I can't seem to be get any instructions.
Florida Native
My phone gets WiFi and phone internet. After testing it in 4 different places for speed of page loading, it looks to me that WiFi generally run about 3 times faster than the phone internet. It is slower even slower when testing a laptop on WiFi against my Droid on phone. At this stage, I don't see phones taking over WiFi, but it sure is nice when you don't have a lap top. I have spent the last 2 days hanging around the hospital while our daughter is getting some tests and they have a hot spot (free actually included in the $465/day) and it has really been nice. My fat fingers have gotten pretty good at it.
Florida Native
See the attached video about tethering to the internet using the Droid. Very interesting.
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