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Full Version: Roads Less Traveled
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We are preparing to travel across the Loneliest Road in America, Nevada's Highway 50. It looks like there are very few services available. It made me wonder what other roads people take that make you worry about running out of gas or that require stocking up on supplies before embarking.
Several times on my trip this year we have been driving on fumes looking for a gas station only to find one with a single pump and no place to pull through or turn around. What are your stories? I would love to hear I'm not the only one who is thrilled to see a big truck stop on the horizon.
John Blue
Hwy 50 is a fun road to travel on. We spend coupe days in Ely to tour the Nev. Northern Railway Museum and then traveled west to Reno. You past thru a number of small towns and all will have gas and may have diesel as well. We had picked up fuel in Las Vegas so we did not need more fuel. This trip was done in one day. Stop and visit all the small towns. The road was great to travel on. No pot holes or trucks on this road. We found a large pull off to eat lunch. At times you may be the only one on the road for miles. You travel down a couple of mesas on the way west and will travel over Austin summit at 7,484 feet and Bob Scotts summit at 7,195 feet. We found the trip to be all fun so go and have fun as well.
Florida Native
Several years ago, we almost ran out of gas in NV. I never allow my tank to get below a quarter now. I was really suprised how long we went after the guage read plumb empty. We had pulled into a station in Searchlight and there was a long wait. We decided to continue on to the next one and rrealized why the station was busy. Aftter filling, I can drive about 90 miles before my gas gausge budges. These gas guages are usually very inaccurate.
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