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Full Version: Reservations Requirements
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Dear RV enthusiasts,

I am new on this site and in the RV world. We (family of 4) plan to make a return trip from Mexico to Fairbanks (AK), in a small 18’ RV, to discover a little better your beautiful country and Canada. As we would prefer travelling without precise planning, we would like to stop in RV parks without prior reservation. Could someone with large experience tell me if this sounds feasible or if reservations are usually necessary? Many thanks in advance.

Mexico City
Personally we like the security of knowing where we will stay each night without having to scramble at the last minute to find a place. However, many people on this site have said they make no reservations at all and have no trouble finding a place to stay.

I think whether or not you actually need reservations depends on (1) the area you are in, and (2) the time of year. Popular tourist destinations may be completely booked almost year round, and weekends and holidays are sometimes sold out. That said you might be just fine for weekday stays, but if I were you I would call 2-3 days ahead for weekend reservations. That should still allow you the flexibly you want, but also insure that you have a place to stay.

If worst comes to worst many change stores will allow an overnight stop. I hate making reservations and unless I must I travel without them.
Florida Native
How many do you expect to have in the family when you get there? Just kidding. We leave for months at a time without making reservations except for holiday weekends. We can stay at Wal-Mart or at other concrete places. Be sure to carry the two big books. (Woodals and Trailer Life). I would also get Passport America and CampUSA. I am not sure what the bathroom arrangement are in your 18 foot TRV, but if the toilet can be gotten to at night, you will be fine. Have fun and take a lot of photos of the kids rather than the sites also. We have lots of photos of the places we went when our daughter was young, but the family isn't included. As you get older, you want the photos of the family a lots more.
Bienvenido a la página, mi amigo. If you are going to arrive on a weekend (Firday or Sat) then make a reservation otherwise don't. If you want a more natural setting then consider staying at some of the US federal campgrounds along the way. They will cost less and put you in a wooded or scenic environment.

Buenos suerta.

Florida Native
I think with that camper, you can also take CA Route One which is said to be the prettiest routes in the world. The OR and WA coastlines are just fantastic.

Mi familia solo tiene un ano de experiencia con esta actividad tambien, hace un ano que compramos nuestro trailer. Este verano, estamos planeando un viaje de siete semanas por el norte y oeste del pais, totalmente sin reservaciones, con una expcepcion: hemos reservaciones para Yellowstone y el Grand Tetons, porque son tan ocupados en esos meses. Hay otras 'threads' anterioramente con estos topicos y una variedad de respuestas. Ha recibido Ud. buenas respuestas aqui tambien. Ayer, aprendi que una persona se puede usar el 'search' feature (el buton arriba) para hacer una busqueda de threads anteriores. Buena suerte!
Dear all,

Thanks a lot for your kindness. My Family and I are very grateful that you took some of your free time to answer our neophyte doubts. Thanks also to those who made the effort to write in an excellent Spanish. That shows how friendly and kind you are, RV enthusiasts, and it add a lot to our excitement few days before our departure. As Richard said, we may get to Alaska with some extra passengers! Just great! Thanks

Florida Native
Actually, I was thinking you may have deserted one or two of the kids along the way. My Dad actually did that to my brother when he took more than the allotted time on a bathroom break. We went back for him. but he was always the first one back in the car after that.
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