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Full Version: Motorhome Air Conditioner
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We live in Texas and in Juluy it may be 105 degrees while we are running down the road in the motorhome. Do you run the main house air conditioner or just the one at the dash? jglt
We do run our roof air at times driving down the road. There are days that the dash air just can't cut it. And that doesn't happen just in Texas.
John Blue
We run the dash air and roof airs as well if the heat load is high. The dash air will not keep up with the load in southern parts of USA.
Florida Native
Call us weird, but we rarely run the large ACs while traveling. We run the dash air on high and used a small mister bottle that we use to mist ourselves in the face. We sometimes use a damp rag around our necks also. This seems to work for us.
My generator uses approximately 6/10 of a gallon of fuel per hour while running. At 65 MPH I am using a little over 8 gallons per hour to move down the highway. To me, staying comfortable is more important than trying to save a few bucks on fuel. During the Summer, since we get on the road early in the AM, we may only have to run the house AC a few hours during the day while traveling. We almost always will run the house AC unit for an hour or so to cool off the interior before we park for the night. By doing this we will have a comfortable coach when we have parked and turned off the dash air.
We use a sized-to-fit plastic curtain that we hang from ceiling to floor behind the passenger and driver seats. It traps the cool air up front where we need it. It ain't pretty, but it is effective.
This is like the "Do you run your propane tank while driving or not" argument. I haven't even CONSIDERED running the roof air conditioner while driving. Usually the dash A/C puts out enough for the living area, but it won't go to the bedroom. I have a 32 foot Class C. But then, it's just me and the cat.....


I can and do run my air conditioner from an inverter. So far I've not needed to run both the dash air and the roof air at the same time, since my trip to Mesa AZ in August of 2006. It was 117 F outside.

One trip 5 years ago was "rescued" because I could run the roof air. The dash air broke down on the first day of a two week trip.

I'll be going to Florida in September so may find I'll need both.
I have basement air and that's all I ever use while on the road. I've never used the dash air as it isn't needed. And, yes, I live in central Texas.
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