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Full Version: Maxx Air Roof Vents
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I have been kicking around the idea of buying two of the Maxx air roof vents. They sound like a good idea, and would like to know if any one on here is using them on their rv/camper?? How do you like them, do they work as advertised and are they worth buying?? Do they actually let air flow in the camper? Do they inhibit air flow vs. no vent cover? I dont want to buy these things if they dont work, and at $30 apiece, it would stink buying them and not being happy with them?
So if anyone out there has these installed, please list your pros/cons!
Thank you in advance and happy campin
Hi KentuckyCampin,

I have two Maxairs on my travel trailer, I negotiated them when I purchased the trailer. I like them because I can now leave my roof vents open when I leave the trailer for a longer period without risk of finding puddles of water because of sudden rain showers. Even under the heaviest shower no rain will come in. As for the cons, the only thing I find is that you have one more thing to clean in the spring... ;-)
Florida Native
We have two and never had a drop of water.
Thats awesome that they dont leak, and how is the air flow?? Do they cut down on the heat inside the camper while it is sitting in the drive? I like to open mine up, but usually only leave it open when Im home. So it sits all day closed up until I open it up in the evening when I get home from work.
Hi again KentuckyCampin,

I don't have any experience of my trailer without the Maxairs, but my feeling is that they do restrict the airflow a little. I think that the advantage of keeping them open 24/24 if necessary largely outweighs the slight restriction they might give.
We have had them on all three rigs that we have been living in for the last eight years. The vent in the kitchen stays open 24/7 unless I am washing the roof, sitting in a dust storm, etc. We have never had water get into the coach.

I noticed no reduction in performance of our Fantastic Fans immediately after installing each of these, but FF claims that they reduce air flow. I really don't know if they affect unassisted air flow through the rigs.
Thanks guys, guess Im picking them up and installing them this weekend!
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You are making a good choice. If you store the RV at all, they are vital as you can leave the vents open in hot weather and not worry about rain. It makes the temperature stay 20 to 30 degrees lower inside of the RV in hot weather when stored.

In addition, the covers make the vents last far longer. In time the sun makes the standard vent cover get brittle and break. The Max-Air will greatly extend the life of those vents.

Also, with the Max-Air covers you can leave the top vents open when traveling but they will get torn off in time if you travel with them open without the covers.
Ok guys I picked up the covers, and the RV shop had some Camco covers as well. Looking at the Maxx air and camco side by side, they looked pretty much the same. Except the camco screen/vent assembly was removable. I liked this feature, because in order to clean around/inside the vent, the covers dont need removed. Just the vent portion. They were the same price, so I went with the Camco's. No problem to install and going camping this weekend. So gonna test them out!! Thanks to everyone!
After reading this thread, guess what I bought and installed this weekend laugh.gif
Well we hit the campground this weekend with the new vent covers. No rain, but we did leave them open at night with the fan on. We have 3 vents, and 2 with the vent covers. Couldnt tell any difference in air flow, so that was a plus. So they were a good investment.
Thanks to all!!
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