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Full Version: Suggestions Anyone?
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Hi,I am wanting a RV for a very long trip 6months + and will have my husband and 2 kids w/me age 8 and 3 yr ...
Can anyone recommend a model that would be big enough for all of us (Bunk beds and queen bed a must )...Thanks smile.gif

Budget $15,000
You will be shopping for a used fifth wheel or travel trailer. I strongly suggest that you go shopping armed with data from the RV Consumer Group.

Yes, it will cost you $139 for the CD, but that is the only source of objective comparative information across brands and models. It's worth $139 to avoid a $15,000 mistake, perhaps a fatal one.

Pay close attention to your tow vehicle. You can't safely tow a 15,000# fifth wheel with a half-ton pickup truck, regardless of what the salesman tells you. Yes, it will go forward, but will it stop? Will the transmission go up in smoke in 2,000 miles? Will you and your family end up with the trailer on its side in the center divide of that long down grade when the heavy trailer starts wagging to lighter truck?

Understand the various weight ratings of a prospective tow vehicle: the axle ratings, towing capacity, and gross vehicle weight rating. You must be well within the limits of all of those to tow safely.

On the other hand, shopping for a new RV and tow vehicle is fun!
Rvnewbie, I'm confused here. Are you not getting the opportunity to read our answers to your other questions? Several of us have responded to each question so I'm concerned that you aren't able to read our responses. If you are able to read them, is there something we are missing when we answer you? We want to help you but something seems to not be working here.
1st I would like to thank all who have helped my answering my questions in this and other posts..Much appriciated smile.gif

To answer the question Yes i am getting the posts ..but i have asked 3 different questions..

My 1st question was to find out between moter homes and TT and things i should know about ect..

Then after that i decided a TT was what would probally be what i am gonna get but was confused about the differences between TT and 5th W ....

Then with all the choices out there If thouht id see if anyone could suggest a Brand or model that they have used ,are using or knew of that might work for us....

I am sorry if my questions seemed the similiar but ,to me they seemed like different i said i am new and trying to figure this out .

TIA for answering all my questions and any future ones wink.gif
I'm glad you were getting the answers. With 50 different people with RV's you can get 50 different answers as to which type/brand is best. What I think you need to do is check sales lots and see what you like best. Also check Craigs list and ebay for campers in your area that are for sale. If you have a friend that knows RV's, or even find someone and pay them, have them check out the RV's for structural problems, quality and drive ability so that you will not get taken by an over eager sales person/owner. For me, as I said before, I prefer bus conversions to an RV but I think there is only one other bus conversion owner that comes to the forum so I am a minority. One thing to remember is to check the age of the RV. Some campgrounds have strict rules about not allowing certain age campers in their campground.
RV Camper
I very much agree that you need to join the RV Consumer Group and study the information that they supply to new members. It is not easy to buy a used RV and to know that you are getting a good one if you do not have a great deal of experience. An RV is a very complicated thing and there are many things that can be difficult to determine the condition of. They also require maintenance and repairs and that can be very expensive if you do not know how to do much of it yourself. My first advice is that you need to slow down and take the time to learn about RVs first.

You need to know how to make sure that each appliance works properly and that all parts of it are in good condition. RV appliances are very different than those in a house or apartment. They are designed to use 12V power to operate the controls, water pump, and the lights. Other things such as the microwave will require 120V power from an RV park or a generator set. The refrigerator is cooled by heat from either burning propane gas or from electric heaters.

RVs have a plumbing system that is similar, but different from a house. They have a fresh water tank to supply a 12V pump so that you have water when traveling. They have holding tanks for the waste water from the sinks and shower, called gray water and one for the toilet, called black water. The owner needs to know how to use, care for and maintain all of these systems.

There is outside maintenance that needs to be done and if you buy used, you need to know how to tell if it has been done as needed in the past. Remember that tires need to be replaced at least every seven years, no matter how good they look. Trailer tires that are older than that are just blow-outs that are seeking a place to happen.

There is much more to know and the more that you learn before you shop the more likely that you will find a good RV to buy.
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