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Full Version: Isla Blanca Park question
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I'm about to make my first trip to South Padre Island and have been trying to find a park to stay at for a month, without paying a king's ransom.

I've read about Destination RV (they dont' seem to offer a lower price for a monthly stay), Rio RV in Brownsville (great birding and about $340 a month) and Gulf Waters RV ($390 a mo. plus elec.) Then I keep hearing about Isla Blanca Park.

I emailed the manager but haven't heard back yet but I am curious about what their rates are....does anyone know their rate schedule?

Also, since this is a public beach park, have any of you who have camped there in your Rv had any problems with security or safety?
I'd appreciate comments or suggestions from any and all who have camped in the area. Maybe there's another park that's even better than these guys??!!
We stayed there a couple years ago. Had planned to stay a month but we left after a week.....couldn't stand the almost constant wind and sticky sheen of sand that got on everything. There was no sitting outside. We gave up trying to leave the chairs or rug out as it kept blowing over. And the roaring sound from the wind and rocking of the rv just made it annoying.

The park itself was clean and well kept, the folks at the desk very accomodating and we did get a refund. I seem to remember a guarded gate and don't remember any security problems. The beach isn't that pretty. Sunsets were nice. I also remember that we found it isolated during the off season with a lot of stuff closed. In all our travels this place just doesn't fit any where near the top of places we'd like to return to.
We'd just about decided to go ahead and give it a whirl but maybe we should not get an ocean premier site. Does moving back away from the ocean cut down on the sand? And should be expect constant wind in November also?

Is there another spot on South Padre you liked better? We'd thought about Mustand Island but it sounds like they're pretty busy wit lots more traffic and visitors.
We were there in mid December. I think the windiness is just the nature of the area. We checked out Brownsville and all in all the area just didn't appeal to us. But that is just our experience. Many folks do like it there.

From there we decided to head up to Corpus Christi and again it was very windy. Later we caught up with friends in the Rio Grande Valley area near Harlingen.......more WIND. The non windy days were few and far between. Galveston was similar. I think the prevailing winds roll across Central Am. and the Gulf of Mexico and up across Texas into the midwest.

Why not try it out for a week and decide for yourself. There is lots of Texas to enjoy. All that wind helped us discover the San Antonio area, that's where we finally enjoyed some non windy days.

Now when we want beaches we head for the Florida panhandle, it just isn't as windy and the sand isn't as sticky.
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