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Full Version: Reviews For Tent Campers
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I've posted many reviews and try to include stuff that would be useful to all kinds of self contained RV users, but it occurred to me that I might not be as helpful to those who tent camp or use a pop-up. If the campground has a special area set aside for tents, I usually put that in the review. Obviously, a paved site isn't idea for tents.

So perhaps those of you who do could educate me on what it is that I can add to a review that works for tents/pop-ups.
Pretty much what you've already said. The pavement issue would be a big one for tenters. For those of us with pop-ups, we're a special breed lol. We kind of get the best of both worlds. We could use a tent site in a pinch, and can also use sites designed for larger RVs. I wouldn't worry too much about info for pop-ups since they're so versatile. Pretty much, if a site or park is enough for an RV, it's more than enough for pop-ups!

It's funny since, as a pop-up user, I'm always worried if my reviews give enough info for those with RVs lol
As a tent camper, I usually will walk around a campground and see how the other half lives and what the sites look like to try and convey some info to others with rigs and for future use for myself when we get a trailer of some sort. As long as there are some trees for shade and a level place, preferably a tent pad or grass, to put a tent, that is basically all the info I need. Thanks for looking out.

Best Regards,
I agree with grim509, popup owners have the best of both worlds. biggrin.gif As a popup owner, I usually look at what is available for the average RV. I like to have water, electric and sewer hookups in order to use my kitchen and bathroom. If a campground doesn't have sewer, it would not be my first choice since, unlike a "real RV", I don't have a black or gray holding tank.
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