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Full Version: Campground Recommendation For Summer 2011
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For the past four summers, we have stayed at a CG in SW CO which we absolutely love. It has everything we want (long, wide sites, grass and trees, wifi, great location, no kids, FHUs, dog friendly, super owners, golf course within 10 miles, mountains and lakes close by, etc) and that has enabled us to get away from hot, humid central Texas during the worst time of year.

The past two years, however, havenít been all that great. While everything we want is still here, the weather hasnít cooperated. Itís been pretty hot (in the mid 90s) and very windy, both of which I couldíve had if we stayed in Texas. So weíre looking for a new place for four months starting next mid-May.

We are interested in a nice (thatís relative, I know) RV park that has reasonable monthly rates ($300-600 per month), preferably in the Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon region where the weather is more temperate. While the things we want (listed in the first paragraph) would be perfect, we realize we might have to compromise to get something near what we have here. Iím not interested in anything east of the Mississippi, only in the NW. Iím also not particularly interested in volunteering as CG hosts as we have been there, done that for several years.

If anyone has any suggestions regarding CGs in the region, please let me know so I can do some research on them. Iíll be putting this on several forums in order to get a wider response. Thanks in advance for your recommendations.
Abby> I don't live far from you in Central Texas. Also wishing to get out of the heat, we spent last year in ID and the year before in NM. Both times we camp hosted with USFS, but you said you didn't want to do that. Nonetheless, up north in ID temps were normally below 80. At an altitude of 6500 in NM they usually max'd out at 85 and there was very little humidity.

In our current travels, we've found it hot just about everywhere. Kinda like the reverse of this past winter where it was cold everywhere.

Good luck.
There seems to be quite a few of us on here from TX. I manage a CG in central TX but we aren't one with lots of amenities. We have the standard stuff plus a pool and WiFi. I love this place but sure would love to pick it up and move the whole place someplace cooler.
My favorite spot is Mt. Hood Village in Welches, Oregon.

Temps are very moderate as you're at the base of Mt. Hood (an hour east of Portland, OR). There's lots of trees & shade, blacktop roads, Wi-Fi, indoor pool, hot tub, fitness center, store, and on-site restaurant. You're about 20-30 mins. from the top of Mt Hood where Timberline Lodge is and can even ski in the summer. Portland is a little over one hour away. Temps are mostly in the 70's and 80's in summer, though occasionally it will hit 90. There's a nice 27-hole golf course about 5 minutes away and the Sandy & Salmon Rivers offer nice fishing.

Not sure what the monthly rates are, you'd have to call and ask.

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