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Full Version: Satelite reception
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I love this site and use it constantly! One thing I really wish was available is whether satelite reception is a possibility. Lets face it, when there is no cable tv (like many of the state parks) my family is not happy. We have a satelite (mounted with Trac Vision) but often the campgrounds have so many trees that it is not an option. We enjoy college football, baseball, etc. on weekends and won't camp unless we know prior if we will have television reception. Cable TV? "no" Satellite reception? yes/no?

Thanks for listening. Any other TV fans out there?
We always ask for a site where we can get reception with our Kingdome. And most compgrounds are very good about that. There's only been a few places where it didn't work.

I don't look at those beautiful treed campsites that same way since I got SatTV.
We use a foldup dish that has a base, level, and compass. You can get one at most good RV supply stores or lots of dealers. This way if you like trees as we do you can move it around to find a hole to shoot through to get a signal. We have never been shut out even though last year one time I had to hook up 175 feet of cable to get to an open spot. Works great and we love it!
smile.gif rhingst, has the right attitude and idea. Everything has its price, sometimes the cost is just a little ingenuity.
John Blue
We use a dish on ground and move it around to find a spot that will work. In most sites it takes couple mins to find the bird and lock on. System is DirecTV. We have used it more than a year and had no problems. At home we have dish set up and dish in motorhome. We only move the receiver & remote from home to motorhome. Works for me.
We have a portable dish on a tripod, also -- actually, two of them. Our first coach came with a dish mounted on the roof, and we constantly had trouble with obstacles. So for our next coact, we opted for the portable dish for DishNetwork. At the FMCA convention last March, we had an internet system installed that also uses a portable dish, and we absolutely love it! Go here to check it out: Maxwell Satellite

As we live in the boonies and cannot get cable or DSL, we have the dish mounted on the house when we're home, and take it with us when we hit the road. We were able to cancel our second phone line at home, and our local ISP, so the system actually saves us money. It doesn't carry the enormous (to us) price tag that the other satellite systems seem to have. And it's about a hundred times faster than our previous dial-up system. We're happy!
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