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Seems to me folks are much too ready to say "9" or "10."

When I see one of these ratings, I immediately expect a park on a par with Ft. Wilderness, Topsail Hill, and other full service, attractively landscaped parks. All too often, I have relied on the ratings here when visiting a new park, only to discover that a perfect "10" is really a "6" or "7".

So, when you rate somewhere, remember the rest of us will be comparing that park to all the others we have visited. Kind of like my favorite restaurant - it's a ten to me, but I sure wouldn't tell a visitor that it's one of the best in the world.
I think it would be beneficial for posters to explain more fully why they give a campground the rating that they do...that way it would be easier for a person reviewing that explanation to come to a decision based on those remarks and not just looking at the rating number given.

For example, there are people who post a low rating for a campground just because they have a strict pet policy...but for those of us who have no pets, that would not exactly be a problem, so if they're giving a low mark just based on that issue, I know that I will more than likely have a differing opinion on the campground.

So, I think greater care needs to be given when describing the reasoning why you give a campground the rating that you do.
I agree with BBear. A park that is a 10 to me, may not be to someone else. Let's face it, we aren't all looking for the same things in a campground. I think, too, that putting more details in the review would help.
No question, Topsail Hill is a is Gulf Waters RV resort in Port Aransas, TX. While at Gulf Waters a couple months ago, a fellow camper was grumbling about the management attitude there, and while he didn't say why, he muttered to me that "You'll see what I mean after a few days." ....Our stay at GW was great. So, what could the reason be why that camper was upset? Maybe this is a clue.........their family included two pre teen kids, and two big dogs. dry.gif

We take the high ratings into account with the comments and make a decision whether it's worth trying or definitely a pass. It's hard to be objective when you've just enjoyed yourself tremendously even though the amenities need fixing. Same thing when the person behind the desk infuriated you, then somehow that acceptable campsite isn't on your radar anymore because you are so angry.

The best I can do is take all the information provided and make a more informed decision. So far it's worked out great.
John Blue
I do not think you will find a lot of 10 parks around. We have been to ones that were 10 plus also. It pays to read (all) the notes and see if this place is what you are looking for. A rating of 10 may be due to way the dog walk looked or way the fishing was that day. We also read the rating in our books and see if park is rated up or down and then look at RV Park Reviews before we pick a site. To bad all sites are not rated on this board, but it is growing fast.
I feel this board is just 1 more tool to try to attempt to pick the best campground for you. I always read everything written in the comment section of a campground I am interested in. I also use Woodall's and Trailer Life directory, and finally try to talk to anyone with experiences at a particular campground. I try to do as much research as possible, and even then a campground may not be to my liking? or better than I expected... after my visit.
When I'm considering a campground, I read Woodall's and AAA, Google for any comments, and (now that I know about this great site) read the comments here. The numeric ratings are just one thing I think about. I agree that we need to put enough detail in our comments so that everyone else can get an idea of what we mean when we say a particular campground is a "10" or a "1".
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