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Full Version: Florida campgrounds this year
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Being a procrastinator and also hoping that my Diesel Pusher would sell this summer, I haven't made Florida reservations for the winter as yet. I suspect that Hurricane Charley may have damaged campground infrastucture in areas hit and this may cause a shortage of sites in areas not hit.
Do any of you folks living in Florida have any insights?
John Blue
We may can help you. What would you like to know? We have thousands of camp sites down here and only a small number were in the path of storm and they will be fixed very soon. I see 148 pages of sites in TL 2004. You could move each week and not stay in all the sites. Tell me what you are looking for and we can go from that point.
I would like to stay around Port st Lucie but have some concerns. I stayed at Port st lucie RV resort but the sites were too close together. I looked up Port St Lucie WEST but it's 1300.00 per month. There is also one at Okachobee but I'm it looks like it's really in the boonies. This looks picky but I'm not really. Just want a nice site for a month or two at a time without being able to hear my neighbor's pillow talk.
My desires include wide sites, closeness to restaurants and a dog friendly place. Don't care about bathrooms, washer/dryers or pool.
Where ever I would go, it would have to be far enough south that wearing shorts from Dec to April is normal.
Thanks for your offer to help
John Blue

Port St. Lucie West Outdoor Resort would be my first place. They are very high in cost and sites are not that close together. The Great Outdoors RV Nature & Golf Resort in Titusville is warm and has all the items you ask for. If you have a class A you may wish to get a site over on coach row, very nice sites, very high also. Number is 1-800-621-2267. We visit this park a lot in summer months.

You also could stay at the Corps of Engineers parks. You can only stay 14 days and no sewer on site. You have two parks near Hwy 80 in south FL. and one south of Port St. Lucie on the canal. Lot of people move to a new park every 14 days.

I do not think you would be happy at Okachobee.

I will be out of town over the next 14 days and will return around Sep. 6th.
I would recommend against Outdoor Resorts in Port St. Lucie. We have stayed in virtually all the Outdoor Resorts but this is the only one where we were made to feel unwelcome. Many owners there don't want "renters" and are rude. I know John Blue has good experiences there, but we have not, nor have some friends of ours.
You might want to try the Willow Lakes RV & Golf Resort. I think their winter rates are about $650. They're developing some new sites that are quite nice. It is at Mims, south of Daytona and north of Titusville. Might be short on restaurants close by, though. We just stayed at the DelRaton Travel Park in Boca Raton, but they are fully booked Jan through March. Other camps in that area are scarce.
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