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Krazy Koach
Looking at buying a 2011 Kia Sorrento, 1 dealer said it towable and another says you cant. Im looking at the v6 FWD model
Does anyone know for sure blink.gif
Florida Native
I do know that dealers will lie to make a sale. Look in the owners manual under flat towing and it will indicate if it an be towed as well as give you the limitations such as transmission lube pump, mileage and so forth. FMCA also has a book that will outline toads, but I am not sure if the 2011's will be included. I talked to a man that was told by the dealer that towing would be no problem. After his first 200 mile trip, he couldn't move truck as the transmission was shot.
Had a similar scramble for facts when we were looking at a (new) 2007 Honda Element Automatic. Had dealers telling us absolutely everything. huh.gif

We had/took several opportunities to talk with actual owners who were towing their 2005 and 2006 model year versions of Honda Elements. Gained sufficient information to be comfortable towing ours 4-wheels down. (No problems at 35,000 miles).

Would just wander the RV parks we were staying, and strike up a conversation with anyone towing an Element. My DH would just faint with embarrasment, but EVERYONE was friendly and positively EAGER to pass on all kinds of information.

If you can talk with others who are towing a 2010 Sorrento, (v6 FWD) it will help. Then, learn if there are any transmission changes with the 2011 model year.

We also (finally) got some guidance from HONDA.
The 2007 year had some minor transmission upgrades. They were not going to go through all the necessary tow-testing, and had decided to distance themselves from the hassle of folks who would not/did not follow the steps for towing an Element, then demand $$$ when they broke something.

Hope this helps. Happy Camping!
Rely on the OWNERS MANUAL ONLY. Some sales people will tell you anything to make a sale.
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