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Full Version: Basement Storage
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We are very new to the RV world and sure could use some basic help
in packing and storage in our 5th wheel
Plastic tubs in the basement, but I am always searching "downstairs"
for something misplaced

Seems we are not very organized
Ideas ??
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Motorhome basement storage is a little different than 5ers, but I guess a few basic rules apply to either. We, too, use plastic tubs to organize items, and then we try to put similar types of items into the same underneath bin. For instance one bin holds all our sewer items and another holds our clean water things. BTW we also put our sewer hose by itself in a plastic bag or tub with a lid to avoid contamination with other items. Another bin holds "maintenance and cleaning " items--tools, duct tape, cleaning products, maintenance items, etc. Our bins are open all the way through to the other side so we put longer items--ladder, broom, long handle cleaning brushes--through the middle. One bin has all our outdoor items such as patio rugs, chairs. Another bin has our pet carriers. Another bin houses laundry items and surplus supplies--paper towels, toilet paper. We also try to put items in bins according to how frequently they are used. We rarely need the pet carriers so they are in a bin on the driver's side that is not easy to access if the slide is out. We keep sewer hoses and water hoses and electrical cords in bins near the coach's utility connections. Leveling blocks, front door step and other items we use frequently are kept in the first bin on the passenger side where they are easy to access.

This pretty well organizes all our stuff and allows us to get to it easily. One thing we did (that has nothing to do with organization) is we bought cheap area rugs with non-skid backing and put them in most of the bins. This not only keeps items from sliding around in the bins it also keeps items from being scraped and "dinged" while they are bouncing around in the bins.

Hope this gives you some ideas, but a lot of packing is simply trial and error. If something isn't working out, change it. Sooner or later everything will fall (or shift) into place.
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We use the tubs as well. I use smaller containers for smaller items, baby wipes containers work well. As Tex said similar things in the same tubs. I also try to keep the stuff I need the most or need to get at more often and then put back in my side hatches.
Maintenance and repair stuff, tape, screw drivers, adapters, tool case, water hoses and electric extensions in the backside hatch and camping equipment, candles, table cloths, lanterns and awning tool, jack wrench and stuff in the door side hatch. My hatches are fairly large. The door side hatch I also fit a couple of chairs.
My front hatch, stuff that I don't need that often or just take out and leave out. Folding table, grill or more chairs. Generators up there too. I got tired of hitting my head on the pin box or the side of the trailer getting stuff out of the front compartment, that could be the beers fault though. NAAA
I also have a smaller hatch on the back side I put the rug and awning lights in. Also the tie downs and deflappers.
Florida Native
My wife has a rock collection from 44 different states. I keep it low to avoid changing my coach's center of gravity. If anybody wants one, I can make you a great deal, but you pay7 the shipping.
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We also use the plastic (Sterilite brand) bins but we also have one even larger bin that we use at the end of a trip to take things back into our house in. Once there, anything that is taken in to be cleaned, repaired, or whatever is put back in that tub once the cleaning/repairing/using is done. Anything else that we get for the trailer in the way of supplies goes in the bin. Once we are ready to go out again, that bin goes and we hardly ever forget anything.One other thing, if we forgot something on the previous trip that goes right in the bin!
We use the bins as well. They're labeled with the 'theme' for the bin and located on the side where they'll be used (curbside has all the 'patio' stuff we need for the picnic table, grill, etc, while the backside has all the hoses, connections and the like). The bins were on sale at Lowes - 2 for 1. Four medium bins fit pretty much everything. The only thing I have to do now is get the fishing poles into a PVC pipe or something off the floor, had one casualty (just the tip of the pole, cut it off, it still works). I have an idea, just need to get out and get the supplies.
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