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Full Version: Review Doesn't Sound Like The Correct Campground
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New one posted for Fort Custer Rec Area in Augusta, Mi for August 2010

There are several incorrect things about the campground that makes it sound like a different place so not sure if the reviewer stayed somewhere else or was confused.

"one bathhouse of the entire park" - There are two bathhouses for the park, one for each loop. I was just over there last weekend and both are still open.

"one electrical box and water outlet for every 2 campsites" - This is also incorrect. There is an electrical outlet on every site in the park and there are no water hookups anywhere on any site.

Some things do line up like mentioning one way loops (although this is common in Michigan state parks) and lots of potholes at the entrance (also common unfortunately) but the above two are incorrect for the park and the camp information at the top of the listing now lists water as hookups available.

The review probably can't be corrected but at least change the water hookup in the info section to "no".

Sometimes I really wish we could leave comments on individual reviews, kinda like comment systems for blogs and such. smile.gif
John Blue
You are correct and review has been removed. Also updated the water to NO. If you see any other problems with the pins let me know. In future if you or anyone finds a problem post it under (Contact Us). You will see this at the bottom of this page.
Will do...thanks!
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