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Full Version: A Difficult Job Done Well
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I was reading another topic with a considerable number of comments about the rules on posting reviews. There was more than one concern about the 3 submission rule and the slower posting cycle. Whether or not the comments are valid, the fact is that you can't please everyone all of the time.

One poster mentioned that the approval process slows down in the summer months due to the high number of reviews submitted; sometimes in the four digit range. I don't think many realize (me included) how much of a time consuming task it must be to wade thru all of them to insure they meet the normal standard for being posted.

I'm sure that our patience and undertanding of this process during this time is appreciated and a big atta-boy is warranted. The ones who sort thru stacks of reviews for our benefit certainly deserve a medal. I don't know whether that would be the Medal of Honor or the Purple Heart. smile.gif
Right on RLM! An Atta-Boy, a medal and at least half a dozen high fives is the minimum. Thanks for the great job for all involved!
Thanks everyone and especially RLM for correctly stating that you need to submit 3 reviews not five.

Also I just checked, and there were 605 reviews waiting to be proofed. So those of you who have just submitted your review may not see it posted for several days.
Florida Native
I recently sent in a bunch of reviews from our recent trip and they seemed to be posted very quickly. We do appreciate the hard work you guys do for us.
John Blue
I will also add that we are received more that 200 reviews a day seven days a week. It all adds up fast. The admins are working as fast they can to check they in and post the reviews on line. In time we will get back to overnight service on your reviews if possible. This summer has been like a flood.
Traveling man
I agree- job well done! My reviews are always posted quickly. If things get backed up due to heavy volume, it's worth a small wait to keep the site accurate. I find this a very valuable resource in making camping decisions when in an unfamiliar area, and appreciate all the work that has gone into the site. biggrin.gif
dog bone
Another thumbs up. Not only do they do a great job with the reviews, they take time to help the members with a problem with posting and with the reviews. A job sometimes unnoticed, but well done indeed. Thanks for a great site.
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