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can be two different years?

I had an issue with my RV, and I'm currently camp hosting. I called the nearest dealer I could find. I went in, and when they asked the year, I said, "[Year Y]." They looked at the VIN and said, "Nope, you are a "[Year X]." Apparently, the letter in the 8th position from the end of the VIN pertains to the model year.

Well, my paperwork for my RV clearly says "[Year X]."

So, I called my RV dealer and asked if there was an error on my title, paperwork, etc.

After going round and round and round, well, what I found out was....

Let's say you buy a new RV this year, and you buy a 2011 model (yep, the 2011's are out now....). It is very possible that your RV itself is a 2011 model, but the chassis it's on can be a 2010 model.

OY VE!!!!!

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QUOTE(DXSMac @ Sep 2 2010, 06:21 PM) *

can be two different years?

Yes, ours is exactly what you have described.
John Blue
Cars are the same way as well.
Just like a friend that's my age with a titanium hip - she's a 1962 model but part of her chassis is 2006
Ours is also two different years.
Florida Native
My sister used to be 6 years older than me, but is now 2 years younger. Same principal I think.
QUOTE(Lindsay Richards @ Sep 3 2010, 03:29 PM) *

My sister used to be 6 years older than me, but is now 2 years younger. Same principal I think.
Good one, Lindsay!
Trailer Park Casanova
Interesting info, I didn't know all this.
Chevy "rebranded" some trucks during a design change as 1500 classic models for the early part of the following year.

On the same topic, the brand new tv you buy at Walmart (or other discount stores) is actually over a year old. The large electronic stores send them back to the manufacturer at the end of the year and they send them to Walmart.
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