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Full Version: Discriminating Policy By Saskatchewan Government
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Just a note to let people know that the Saskatchewan Provincial Government has levied a $6.00 per nite surcharge on all non resident campers in their Provincial Campgrounds. That includes non resident Canadians. Most of these campgrounds offer only electricity at the sites so now you pay $28.00 for electric only when Saskatchewan residents pay $22.00. I can't think of a quicker way to have their provincial campsites turned over exclusively to Saskatchewan citizens. So much for the welcoming nature of prairie folk. I am a Saskatchewan born Canadian resident living elsewhere in Canada. I will not be back to camp in my home province. mad.gif

I think it stinks, too.

Are they saying that the fees at $22.00 don't cover the costs and that $6.00 comes from the taxpayer?

I prefer regional parks--I wonder if there is a "surcharge" on them too? Of course many of them have now shut down for the season.
A small city park where I live charges less to "residents" of the city but more to "non-residents." But then again, it's a small city park. If you live there, you aren't likely to camp there.

On the other hand, a PROVINCIAL park (similar to a state park), well, that would definitely be a ripoff.

Florida Native
The tourist also buy fuel, groceries, and use restaurants, stores and repair facilities. Sometimes the government officials can not see the forest for the trees. It would be wise for the business community to give them the facts. Looks like there are also private campgrounds there which will be able to pick up some of the slack.
Actually, in my neck of the woods (Connecticut), $28.00 a night for a campsite with electricity is a really good price... unsure.gif

But, I think I know what you are talking about. Seems odd to have different prices for different people.
No different than states that have different rates for residents and non-residents for many things. Hunting and Fishing licenses, park fees and college tuition all come to mind. The US government offers the National Park Senior pass to US residents and not foreign visitors. The residents of the Providence pay for the park through their taxes, they should get a break on fees.
Jerry S
I'm with KCMOEDOE on this one. This is common practice in many states covering many facilities and benefits.
In Ontario, residents can camp for free on Crown Land (same as state land), while non-residents have to pay.

Non-resident hunters & fishermen coming to Ontario also pay a premium.
Traveling man
I can see your point, and have mixed feelings on this.

Years ago when living in Oregon, there was a state park camping surcharge for non-Oregon residents. I'm not sure if it still exists. I always felt it was unfair, as visitors brought in a lot of tourism dollars to our area.

On the other hand, I camp a lot in New Mexico, and buy an out-of-state annual camping pass for the state parks. It is more expensive for non-residents, but both the resident and non-resident rates are quite reasonable, so I don't mind paying more.
Looks like we were really spammed last night in several threads. Thanks to all of you that reported it. Your posts were fine, but they were removed also because they referred to the spam. Thanks again.
QUOTE(jim crowl @ Sep 16 2010, 09:27 PM) *
Years ago when living in Oregon, there was a state park camping surcharge for non-Oregon residents. I'm not sure if it still exists. I always felt it was unfair, as visitors brought in a lot of tourism dollars to our area.
I haven't encountered this at Oregon state parks. We stay at Valley of the Rogue State Park a couple times a year. I guess things have changed.
DG Miller
I see an added charge to non-residents as logical. In my province a portion of my taxes go to maintain the administration of the parks and getting a small break on fees would make sense. I have begun to encounter all sorts of day use fees in for example California whereas in my province there are few cases of day fees being collected. Yes tourists buy groceries etc. but then again there are those who admit "free breakfast is a good start and then when you steal a few slices of bread, lunch is almost free too"..Yes that's a quote. smile.gif
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