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Full Version: Casino Rvers
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Krazy Koach
We are plannin a trip next week to Atlantic City but by the looks of all the websites it doesnt seem to be RV friendly. Really wasnt plannin on takin the car but there doesnt seem to be any alternative other than to skip casinos and head to Virgina beach or north to Maine.
Has anyone done a east coast casino trip?
Florida Native
There is a RV'er who has a blog about casino camping. He has been to them all. Link below:
Krazy Koach
QUOTE(Lindsay Richards @ Sep 8 2010, 03:09 PM) *

There is a RV'er who has a blog about casino camping. He has been to them all. Link below:

Thanx Lindsay
Did have this site but as you may notice there is nothing for the east coast.
Thinkin of changin our plans and forget the casinos, the east coast casinos really need to get with the times
On the bright side look at all the money we ll save
Krazy Koach
Well to answer my own question Alantic City does not cater or want RVs
We have just returned from the worst trip since we ve started RVing. I should have known something was up when I didnt get much response. We stopped or tried to at the info center (no parking for RVs) only to find out it was closed Hmmm
The only parking info we could get was from one of the toll attendents who said to go at the far end of Atlantic Blvd were the trucks park, yeah right, ok so we check out some camping places, pathetic is the best I can say
After spending an hour driving around in total dismay thinking we just wasted a day and a half to get there, we left, paying again the tolls for the privilage of leaving
This place is not at all RV friendly whether your a gambler or a beach bunny
2 thumbs down!
dog bone
Krazykoach, We stayed at a place called Chestnut Lake. It is about 25 to 30 minutes out of AC. It is not the best campground, but for free, who cares. We just used it for a base camp. We used our ROD.
There are a lot of things to do in that area. AC, Ocean City beach, Smithville and Cape May are all within 45 minutes. As I said the campground itself left something to be desired, but it was right in the middle of things.
An other is Blueberry Hill Campground. It is a lot nicer campground and in the same area as the other one. It is about $45 a night. I think they have a shuttle out of this park to AC.
We camp in a fifth wheel so we have a vehicle to ride around in. I'm guessing you have a coach and need to take that around. When we went to the aquarium the parking lot was big with plenty of room, but I don't know about leaving your rig there and going to the casinos. It was free, right by the marina, so I don't know if they would say anything about parking there.
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