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Full Version: Newbie Question - need help
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We purchased a travel trailer this year and are considering a trip where we would have no sewer or dump station. Do people use the bathrooms when they camp without sewer or dump station and more importantly - so where would you dump it? Do campgrounds allow you to pull in and dump for a fee? Any advice is appreciated.
Hey Bob,

Whether or not you need to deal with dumping depends on how long you plan to stay at this campground, how many people you have using your camper, what your waste ( black and gray) capacity is and how waste savvy you are. With two kids and us our tank fills up pretty quickly...say every two to three days. Does that seem right to the rest of you? Disposable dishes help, unless you are an environmental type, then that is not good. Have a dog who can lick your dishes clean? Ha!

If they have bathrooms there, by all means use them every chance you get because hauling waste isn't fun ( though I never do it, I just know it is a pain for my husband).

We have never stayed at a place that had electric and water but no dump station. That is weird.

Yes, some campgrounds do allow you dump for a minimal fee which is well worth it to rid yourself of "it". I'd think you would want to be sure such a place is nearby or else it might prove to be a real pain. Maybe the place you are staying can make a recommendation. Surely they have had this issue arise before.

Good Luck and Enjoy!

Our gray water tank holds only 25 gallons and will only last us for a weekend. Two adults. If we used the campground's showers I imagine we could stay for a week without dumping.

We are newbies as well and have only stayed at state parks so far, and all have had dump stations which we've used on the way out.

We are planning an extended stay next month at a private campground which has full hookups available, but in an undesirable area. To get a better site, which unfortunatly has no sewer connection, I'll be buying one of those blue tanks on wheels so we can dump wothout moving our trailer.

If you had to dump your tanks somewhere else, some truck stops like Flying J have dump stations. Also, some interstate rest areas have free dump stations. That really depends on the state, and I think you can find a list of them somewhere be searching the web.

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