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Full Version: Should Rates Be Adjusted When All Services Are Not Available?
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Bud in Florida
I am in the midst of a month long trip. I have stayed at a couple of parks where they advertised things that were not available when I got there. In one case it was internet in another the pool and hot tub had been closed for the season, even though it was in the 90's. Do you think rates should be adjusted down a dollar or two when all advertised services are not available? I do. Seems the rates are set in order to cover all those things and you pick a park based on their web site or listing in a guide. If they can't provide what they advertise, seems to me the rate should be lowered. Thoughts?
Florida Native
It should be mentioned during the reservation process either over the phone or at the front desk. Rates are usually subject to negotiation I believe. What area are you in Bud? Don't know any place close to Florida that is off season.
I hate when I check in and ask "how's the wi-fi? and the answer is usually "just fine". When I can't get on and go to the office to ask about the problem, I'm told "oh, it doesn't work well in that part of the park...." If that's the case, just be upfront with me and say "works fine except where we're putting you...." Arrrggghhhh....
When you check in at the front desk, it only takes a minute to ask if ALL of the amenities will be available at the parking site they are assigning you to.
If not, then ask for a discount or go to another RV park.
We always ask if all amenities are available when we make reservations, from experience. Even after asking and being told everything is working/open/running, though, at least half the time when we get there things are closed. It is aggravating, and seems like the campground should do something in return -- like a discount on future camping, or even if it is just a free candy bar from the store, lol.
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