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Full Version: Thanks To Rv Park Reviews
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We were first time campers, from the UK, in a Cruise America rental motorhome and found the resources on this site invaluable. With no real planned schedule other than some time at the beach for our boys and the possibility of some time in the mountains we had a vague idea of our route. Having picked up our RV in Manassas, Va we decided to head for the Outer Banks having chosen Ocean Waves over the KOA in Roanoke, purely due to the reviews on this site - good choice.
After a little discussion we decided we could head to the hills and had a very pleasant few days in the Blue Ridge mountains at sites chosen, again, thanks to this site. Far and away our favourite was the KOA near Harrisonburg - peaceful, welcoming and very enjoyable.
I have posted reviews of all our visits on this site and have tried to be as objective as possible, but with little experience of camping, I may be wrong. If this is the case, I apologise.
To anyone who has posted a review on this site, wherever it may be, thank you. All reviews were helpful to us in one way or another.
I hope that when we have saved enough money for our next RV trip (could be years!), this site is still running.
We're glad you had a great time and y'all come again now, ya heah. (That's Texan for please come back sometime.)
John Blue
We all will be here so come on back anytime you can and see the states. Also we did enjoy your home land as well on our tour of the UK. Best part, we all could understand each other. laugh.gif
I agree with our friends from the UK. I traditionally looked up RV parks in TL and Woodalls. But now go more often than not to RVparkreviews for a more complete assessment. Also, RVparkreviews has hidden gems not to be found in the big books. Recently we stayed at just such a place in Visallia CA. This place was not listed in any of the big books, but we took the advice of several who had stayed there and it was absolutely as described, great.

Bob & Barbara
Traveling man
Glad you enjoyed it! I traveled by train when visiting your country, and stayed in B&Bs, but I'm now thinking a small RV might be a relaxing way to tour the UK on holiday. I know gas is much higher, but one would save on lodging. Please post it if you ever come across a similar site, or even one with good general information on U.K. camping...... And be sure to come back and see the West!
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