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Full Version: Travel Trailer Review/rating Services?
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My son is asking for advice before he buys a travel trailer, and we don't know enough about them to give good advice. We've only owned Class A RVs. Does anyone know of a service like Consumer Reports which impartially rates and reviews new travel trailers?

He has been going to RV shows, looking on the internet at manufacturers' websites, and has figured out most of the features he wants, how much he wants to spend, how much weight his truck can haul. and what length TT he wants. He mostly wants to avoid buying a brand with known problems (apparently, the salesmen at the RV shows don't dwell on the pesky little defects).

Any advice or any resouces you know of? Thanks very much!
The closest thing to a Consumer Reports for RVs is the RV Consumer Group.

Their evaluations are based solely on manufacturers' data about each model of trailer, fiver, and motor home. I found their CD useful in selecting a motor home. I was able to avoid a unit with inadequate insulation for fulltiming, poor handling characteristics, poor reliability, etc.

They charge $139 for membership. The detailed CD you get with that is worth it, in my opinion. Spend $139 to avoid a $20,000 mistake.
Thanks very much, sir! I'll give my son the information. I appreciate your reply.
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