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Full Version: problems with this site?
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sad.gif Is anyone else having trouble pulling up reviews from Florida and Texas? We haven't been able to get these states for the last few weeks. Thanks
I think I remember running into that once and found I needed to clear my internet cache. See if that helps. Log out, reboot, Log in and see if you can get them.
I have been able to visit both states in the last couple days.
Motorhome Madness
Three states in particular have very large databases, California, Florida and Texas. Be sure your browsers are set to refresh the page on "Every visit to page".

In Internet Explorer go to "Tools" then "Internet Options" then under Temporary Internet Files click on the "Settings" button and check "Every visit to the page" you can also click on the "Delete Files" and the "Clear History" buttons to empty the cache. Everything should work fine on the site then. A lot of browsers remember old pages and this is not good for sites that are constantly changing as ours is.

Dial-up users may be having a problem because their server is timing them out because the pages take longer to load also. Are the ones having the problem using dial-up?
biggrin.gif Thanks to both of you for your worked
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