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Full Version: Rv In Storage, Freezing Temps, Water Heater Precautions
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My RV is in storage for now (I'm a "part-timer"), but I have a trip planned soon. There will be freezing temps for about four nights. Do I need to take any precautions with the water heater?

I cannot run the electric water heater because I'm already running two space heaters (one in kitchen and one in bathroom) and my RV is 30 amp. Plus, I have the "Arctic Pak" heater on for the tanks.

I cannot run the propane because the RV is stored in a commercial facility (which means I really shouldn't be running the space heaters, but I'm crossing my fingers). I do have a "plug in" at the storage facility.

Is there anything I should do for the water heater? Today I turned the space heaters off and ran the electric water heater all day. I'm hoping that will warm up the water and keep it.... ok.... all night.

John Blue

Open up the drain plug and let the water out. Do not put the plug back in to you are ready to use it. Refill the water heater before you power it up or it will burn out the heater unit. One more item is to move south in winter months. laugh.gif
If your that worried, drain it. However it depends on how long the temp stays below 32 degrees at one time to freeze up the water tank and water lines.

Before we went full-timing our trailer set out where the night time temp got down to 26 degrees, but warmed up to the 40 to 50s during the day. I never drained anything and didn't have any problems.
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