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Florida Native
It was supposed to read new BOOK, but I couldn't seem to edit it.

We received our new Camp Club USA book today and it is huge. It is about the same size as Woodalls and Trailer Life. Camp Club USA is a 50 % discount club like Passport America. We have always been big fans of PPA and have used them at least a hundred time. It is my wife's first option in finding a place. I believe she will be keeping this book right on top now. There is a lot of overlap also. Both of these clubs have a range of campgrounds and the in our experience, the old saw that only cheap places belong is totally false. Many savey owners utilize these clubs to fill sites that would otherwise go empty in an effort to defray their fixed cost. If you do not belong, it would certainly be worth a look. A couple of nights a year pays for the membership and the rest is all gravy.

You can look before you leap here:

Florida Native
We have had both for years, but the PPA always seemed to have more participating campgrounds. I don't think that is the case anymore. We use them both and I think anybody who camps a lot really would be wise to have them both. There is also a lot of overlap.
Florida Native
I just realized that I screwed up. That Camp Club America is a Woodall's book with a Camp Club America section in the front. Whoops, cheap way to get a new Woodall's though. They claim 1200 campgrounds which is up from before but behind PPA with about 1500.
One thing people need to think about is that Woodalls, and some others, don't list your campground unless you guarantee a certain number of sites available for over night camping. If it is a small campground, or one for snowbirds, they can't always guarantee 20-30 overnight spots. Our campground is a small one so we can't guarantee that at any given time we have that many free sites so, unless we want to pay a large fee, we can't be listed with them.
I got my new Camp Club USA book yesterday in the mail. It is huge. First time using Camp Club as the membership came with my new TT. I checked their website and really did not see many reviews on the campgrounds. For now, I think I will stick with this site for choosing my campgrounds and then see if any of my choices are a Camp Club USA campgrounds. When you take the long trips the discounts really do help to offset other expenses.
Florida Native
I made the same mistake thinking that the whole book was Camp Club America. It is a Woodall's with a Camp Club America section in the front. They still have about the same number of campgrounds as before. Great way to get the new Woodall's book cheap though.
QUOTE(Lindsay Richards @ Dec 21 2010, 05:47 PM) *

There is also a lot of overlap.

Richard, what or how does it work when both they both overlap? Does the campground take both of just one of them?

How much of a discount do they give you?
Florida Native
Overlap means that some campgrounds honor both of them. Many campers have one and it expands the market for them to honor both. The discount is 50% off the normal rate for the site you select. For example if you get a full hookup site that is normally $35 then your rate is $17.50. If you select a site with water and electric, but no sewer that is normally $25, then your rate is $12.50. We camp a lot and having each one more than pays for itself over and over. My wife has both books and we use them frequently. PPA now has a smart phone app that also utilizes the phones GPS. The whole theory is to fill sites that would otherwise be empty. The campground get no rebate from either one and really don't care which one you use.
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