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I dearly hope that people take the time to post their thoughts over at the "Campground Review" area also where people who are looking for reviews will find them.

Otherwise, those reviews will just get lost in the pages here at the "Discussion Forum" and they are too important to only be here.

This is a great site...

Excellent point. I, too, am troubled by folks who write about a campground on the discussion forum but don't put it in the reviews. I am likewise concerned by people who write discussion items on "has anyone ever stayed at......" Presumably, if anyone has stayed at a particular campground, the review would be in the review section where it belongs. This is an outstanding site and I hope we can all contribute to the appropriate sections as designed by the webmaster.
C and C
I posted a campground review but it didn't show up. Maybe people are having too much trouble with posting. I know I am. unsure.gif
I just became a member and am enjoying the forum. Please forgive me for sounding like a "newbie" but how do I get to the campground reviews other than the ones posted on the forum? All I saw was a place to post campground reviews not a place to read already posted ones. Again, please forgive me for not understanding how to get to this section of the site.
Thanks for any help,
Motorhome Madness
At the top of the forum under the banner on the left - click on "Click Here To Return To RV Park Reviews" and welcome to the forum!
I hope you don't mind my expanding on your reply. unsure.gif

once you get back to the "front page", scroll down to the map of the U.S. click on whichever state you are interested in. That will take you to the campground reviews.
John S.
Just a reason for not posting. Sometimes when we stay overnight somewhere and we misplace the map I could not tell you the nember of sites or if they had all the amenities. I can write general opinions in the forums bt don't post in the review section since it would be incomplete.

John S.
1999 Foretravel
Thanks for welcoming me and directing me to the correct place on the site. I really enjoy this site.
John S:

Believe me, whether or not you can remember the number of sites, whether they had this or that, or whatever, is far, far less significant than your opinion of the place, your overall impressions, problems with the place, your numerical rating, and so forth. We can always look up what features campgrounds offer in Foolalls, or Failure Life and, even though their rating system is lousy, it will give us the information you might not remember. I urge you to rate every campground you visit, whether you can recall everything or not.
John S.
Ok, if the moderator will allow it I will try and fill in the campgrounds we have visited as completely as possible. I travel well over 50k miles a yr in the motorhome and have stayed at many less than desirable CG since they were close to where we needed to be.

John S.

Foretravel U270
John S. can I recommend that you retain the campground flyers that they often give you at check in. I keep a folder of those and then I have all the info. I need about the campground. You can always throw it out once you have posted if you don't want to keep it. smile.gif

I also use them to circle campsites I want to ask for in parks that I know I will return to.
Motorhome Madness
There is also the printable sheet that you can take with you --

Click Here

Thanks for the printable page. I'm going to make copies and keep them in the camper. smile.gif
John S.
THe printable page is a great Idea.....
Motorhome Madness
We thought so, that is why it has been on the front page for a year now! blink.gif huh.gif ohmy.gif wink.gif
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