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Full Version: Sewer Hook Up
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Why does it seem that Conn. has so few parks with sewer hookups and all the parks have so many seasonal's makes it difficult for short termers camping we stayed at one that had none then you had to pay to get pumpouts
John Blue
Cold weather may be the answer. Winter time is bad news on pipes. If park has a sewer treatment plant then you have a big problem if it freezes up. If sewer drains into public system you would have less problems but high cost. We stay in warm places and that takes care of the problem for me.
Yep, cold weather / limited season is most likely the reason. If you are to make reservations far in advance (like now, for the summer), many times you can get a full hook up site.
Florida Native
With a little advanced planning we can usually go about 6 days without dumping. Navy showers are not a problem and I usually taken them by accident for a while when we get home. We keep track of where are tanks are (gauges are unreliable) and rarely stay anywhere over that 3 or 4 days.

Good Luck
My guess also would be the environmental laws are very strict in CT, especially when it come to permits and expansion concerning sewer. Most CT campgrounds are smaller and closer to populated urban areas which also adds to the cost of sewer/sewer expansion.

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