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Full Version: Filling out the Review Form Issue
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I would like to suggest that 'cut and paste' be turned on for some of the fields, specifically the URL of the campground. Some of them are quite long, and can be complicated. Typing them in by hand defeats the purpose and makes it harder to suibmit an accurate review.
Motorhome Madness
Copy & paste is always "on".
Go to the campgrounds website
Click on the URL in the "Address Bar" so it becomes all shaded
Hold down "Ctrl" then "C" keys (the URL is now copied)
Go to the form (make sure the website line is blank first or two "http's" will be entered)
Hold down the "Ctrl" then the "V" keys and the URL will be pasted there

PS--it is "Copy" not "Cut" if you are using the "Edit" menu in Internet Explorer
I also tried using the paste one time in the Comments field and it wouldn't work. For things like that, I like to type up my comments in Word first, so I can use the spell checker.

Motorhome Madness
The method described above works exactly the same in Word or any word processor. Type everything the way you want it in Word, highlight it (do this by placing the cursor at the beginning of the text, then hold down the "Shift" key and while still holding the "Shift" key use your mouse to click at the end of the text, all of the text will now be highlighted), then hold down the "Ctrl" key then the "C" key (this shortcut copies it to the clipboard), then go to the form and place the cursor where you want the text to be and then hold down the "Ctrl" key then the "V" key and the text will be place there. smile.gif

PS--You can try this method right here to see how it works on a webpage also-
1-Double click on "The" at the beginning of the message above (it will highlight).
2-Hold down the "Shift" key
3-Using your mouse click on the last word of the message "there" (now all the text will be highlighted and ready for copying).
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