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Other than the normal hamburgers, hot dogs,chilli, what can i make for a group of 12 that is not fish, but is nto expense like beef or steak?
John Blue
A big pot of Chicken soup would work well in lots of cases. One more item is a pot full of gumbo that you can make from anything. smile.gif We are close by.

Welcome to Rv Park Reviews.

I'd think about home baked pizza. Ham and pineapple, Pepperoni, and for the vegans a veggie pizza.
Florida Native
We use a crock pot a lots. You can put it in after lunch and when you get back in the afternoon it is ready. With an inverter, you can run it off the cig lighter. Ours has a small bungee cord to hold the lid on and we wedge it in the sink and it cooking as you drive. This might be dangerous in some coaches, but our sink is a long way away. You can get away with cheaper cuts of meat and put lots of veggies in there too. Turkey breast does good too. If you have a microwave/convection oven, you are looking at just like you were at home. If you boondock a lot you can make things ahead or make big dishes every several days.
Jerry S
When I first saw the original post, I thought it was one of the more more unusual queries I've seen in this forum. With one exception, the initial responses (chicken soup, pizza, crock pot cooking) made me wonder if the posters were being serious and/or answering the question (what to serve 12 guests?). I dug a little deeper and found tht the OP has a Coleman popup. I guess that eliminates pizzas (no RV oven) and having your meal cooking on the crock pot as you travel.

As with a question a couple weeks ago about reservations, maybe the OP could clarify what kind of advice he/she is looking for and what their limitations (grill cooking only, for example) for food preparation are.
What about spaghetti? I know this is a beef dish, but a little meat sauce goes a long way with lots of spaghetti making it not too expensive. Have a big salad and garlic bread and you would have a complete meal.
QUOTE(destini458 @ Feb 9 2011, 04:27 PM) *

Other than the normal hamburgers, hot dogs,chilli, what can i make for a group of 12 that is not fish, but is nto expense like beef or steak?

Back in the dark ages, when we actually used to "camp" in a "tent" (I'll pause here for the gasps...) and cook on a Coleman campstove (I'll admit, I've never cooked over an open fire), this was a favorite recipe: Meatball Stew

Meatballs (beef or sausage) - I usually cheated and bought a bag of them at the store
one small head of cabbage, coarsely chopped
one onion, chopped
a couple cans of tomato sauce and a can of diced tomatos
seasoning to taste (Italian, etc.)
a little sugar

Feeds about four to six.

Fry up the meatballs, add onions and cabbage, tomato sauce and diced tomatos, and a little sugar. Add water if needed. Season to taste (if you want it to taste Italian, add oregano or Italian seasoning).

Serve with corn on the cob and crusty Italian bread.

Jerry S I have a stove, grill, microwave and a crock pot to clarify for you.
Spaghetti. Just buy your favorite brand (I like Classico myself), add either hamburger or Italian Sausage.

For Spaghetti, I bought a NordicWare Rice/Spaghetti microwave cooker. WORKS GREAT for both rice and spaghetti.

Also, I have a clam linguini recipe that is very easy to make.

Jerry S

Thanks for the update on your situation. When I noticed that your profile showed a Coleman popup as your RV, I wasn't certain as to what sort of cooking facilities you had available to you for cooking a meal for 12. I figured you probably had a 2-3 burner stove-top and maybe a portable grill. The microwave and crock pot will come in handy for whatever you try to fix for 12 diners.

Of the suggestions so far, I like the spaghetti, salad,and crusty bread. That's a lot of pasta and sauce, but it will be a lot of anything when you are cooking for 12. Going one step further, be sure to get relatively strong plastic plates if you are going to serve something like pasta or stew. Paper plates are fine for burgers and dogs, but not not for knife, fork, and spoon foods .

Good luck with your dinner.

We also have the possibility of a small army to feed.
Spaghetti is one of their favorites; but here is another reliable winner.

Need one large cooking pot w/lid and one medium fry pan.

Wash and chop 12 (or more) skinny zucchini. Chop 2 large onions. Cook in the large pot with a bit of oil (I use olive oil for everything), salt, pepper and oregano to taste.

Seems like a mountain of veggies, but they cook down nicely.

In the fry pan, sear and cook 6 pieces (or less) of chicken tenders in a bit of oil. When nicely browned, drain and chop up.

Serve on heavy paper plates: heaping mound of zucchini/onion, couple tidbits of chicken on top, with a healthy dose of parmesian cheese (for this crowd I use the dried variety with the green label) on top.

A GREAT twist on this, is a dollup of hot spaghetti sauce on top, THEN the parmesian cheese.

When zucchini are in season, this is eating on the cheap. Just don't try to purchase them in mid-winter in Iowa. wink.gif
Cheers! cool.gif
First let me ask, "What's wrong with chili?" Especially, Texas style which is made with meat, not beans! Yeah, I know, I'm gonna get some flaming for that one. smile.gif

Some of you Louisiana residents should pipe in and provide a good recipe for a big pot of gumbo. Good stuff!
laugh.gif laugh.gif
Flaming Chili !!!

I love it. Good to hear from you RLM cool.gif
QUOTE(destini458 @ Feb 9 2011, 04:27 PM) *

Other than the normal hamburgers, hot dogs,chilli, what can i make for a group of 12 that is not fish, but is nto expense like beef or steak?

if you want a "one pot meal", here are a couple that we like while camping.

1) rice-a-roni.
Depending on the number of diners... ground beef.
1 box of rice-a-roni per pound of burger
add peas, cut green beans, corn, mixed veggies, what ever.

2) chili

3) mac and cheese
Easy meal for two. You will have to add more for extra people. This makes two meals for us.

1 pound of Hamburger.
2 cans of Mexican style stewed tomatoes
1 can of kennel corn
2 packets of either chicken or beef Maruchan Ramen noodle soup.

Brown the hamburger, drain off the grease. Open the cans and crush the stewed tomatoes and add them to the the hamburger, add the can of corn. Dump everything in, juice too. Crush the noodles up in their packet, open the packet and dump them in. Dump in the contains of the flavor packets. Cook over medium heat, stirring until hot and serve.
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