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Full Version: How long does it take?
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I'm new to this forum, but have been a part of others. So these 'newbie' questions are not directed at 'forums', but this one specifically .

I just posted a review of a campground and am wondering how long it takes for it to be posted. I noticed that some where written today, but haven't seen mine.

Is the posting process automated or is it read by the webmaster first? How long does it usually take for a review to be posted? Are all reviews posted whether or not the webmaster agrees? What will keep a review from being posted other than fowl language or hateful comments?

Thanks in advance for the replies.

Carl huh.gif
I know the webmaster reads them to check for spelling/incomplete information. I believe those are the only reasons for not getting a review posted. They may be others, but I doubt if a difference of opinion would keep it off.
Motorhome Madness
Please see this "Notice" (which you should have read before posting) to see why a review MAY not get posted. rolleyes.gif Also, yes every review is checked and posted manually. Sometimes a review may get posted immediately or sometimes within hours - depends on what we are doing when the review comes in. Also it will be posted under "Current Status" as "Accepting Reviews" or "Not Accepting Reviews" if we are out of town or just taking a break!
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