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Full Version: Motorhome Delivery Service
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Michael Kibler
cool.gif I've retired and am enjoying taking the many RV trips we have taken the last couple of years. As I enjoy traveling in our Motorhome, lately I've considered hooking up with a Transport Co to deliver Motorhomes to make extra money.
Has anyone had any experience doing this?
Does anyone have any recommendations?
New optional question:
Does anyone have any other recommendations for "workamping jobs" for a retiree that loves RV'ing?
Florida Native
I think that there would be a lot of folks willing to do it for costs.
RV Camper
We have friends who did that for a time but they found that it really made them very little money doing it and it tied them down as far as travels. They advise people that it is not a good deal.
Jerry S
I do not have any first hand knowledge of how these transport jobs work but I would imagine that in many situations the time and use retrictions that could be imposed would be a big negative. For example, you may contract to drive a motorhome from Memphis to Phoenix. Sounds like a great trip on either I40 or I20/10 most of the way. If they allow you only 5 days to make this trip, that's 3-400 miles a day with little time to sightsee. It is also possible that they might not want you to use the MH for your overnight stops. They may require you to stay in motels so that the MH doesn't get messed up or damaged in transit. Even if you can use the MH for lodging, you may have to supply your own linen, cookware, etc. Then there is the issue of getting to the departure point (Memphis in this example) and what you do once you drop the MH off (Phoenix). I would guess that most drivers bring the own tow vehicle on the delivery. These problem might be just the tip of the iceberg for somebody who thinks doing this might be "fun".

Unless this "job" pays well and/or you can use the MH as you see fit and/or you can take your sweet time delivering the MH, I' don't see the appeal.
Florida Native
We had a motor home delivered about 7 or 8 years ago when I was recovering from surgery. It was only 200 miles or less and the driver hooked up a cheap trailer hitch to my hitch and he had several lighting hookup adapters and drove his toad back. I would think that if you wanted to do it, a factory would be the bet bet. They all have to be delivered.
RV Camper
It is also possible that they might not want you to use the MH for your overnight stops.
They do not allow any use of the RV. How would you like to buy a new RV and then see that some delivery person has been using the kitchen and bathroom before you took delivery? You have to provide your own place to stay at night as well as food and a place to eat it. The only seat that is available for use by the delivery person is the driver's seat. If it is a trailer the delivery person often does not even have keys to it.
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