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Full Version: Questions About Traveling In A Rv From A Foreigner
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Hi everyone,
My name is Kitsada from Thailand. I and my family come to the states to take our kids (4 years old boy and 1 year old girl) to see the doctor here. Next week, as there is no treatment for our son, we decide to travel from New York to Orlando (for Disney World) by RV. We've already booked a RV from Cruiseamerica and got it.
As you can guess, we are very new and totally know nothing to this RV world. I have so many questions and have been trying to find out by looking on the internet, but found none. Therefore, I decide to register to this forum. I think you people can help me out. Anyway, sorry in advance, as my questions might not making sense in some way : )
1. We have to travel so such a long way and do need a place to stop for dumping trash or recharging the battery.
1.1 Do the campground allow us to park temporary?
1.2 If they do, how much it gonna cost. Do they open for us to do that 24 hours a day (like we can stop at a gas station)?
2. My kids have problem with their eating habit(This is one of the reasons we take them to see the doctor here). Manytimes they refuse to the food we cook and we have to drive around to find some specific restaurant for them. We, finally, always have problem with our timetable. I could imagine that, in this trip, if we decide to stop and stay in any campground we have to do it rightaway (I mean we couldn't make a reservation in advance as we are very not sure if we can present there) Here come the question.
2.1 Is it necessary to make a reservation for the campground? Can we just drive in?
2.2 What is their check-in hours? Are they open for very late check-in or do they do 24 hrs check-in?

Again, thank you so much for your help.
Hi Kitsada,

Welcome to RV Park Reviews.

Most gas stations have trash bins that refuse can be left in.

Campgrounds generally do not allow temporary parking. Some towns have picnic areas that could be used. Many shopping malls and Walmart locations would also work for that purpose.

I rarely bother to reserve a camping site and the "busy" season is over in Florida now.

Almost no campgrounds offer 24 hour check ins. Each campground has its own check in hours.

The house battery bank may recharge while the RV is traveling down the road. It will also recharge when the RV is plugged in at a campground. Many campgrounds have sanidump waste disposal for the grey and black water tanks. Be sure to empty the black water tank first.

Costs vary from campground to campground.

Enjoy your trip!
Thank you so much for the answer. I'm very appreciated for your help. biggrin.gif
Jerry S
Hello Kitsada.

This may not be in time to do much good, but I will try to address each of your questions to answer the question as I understand it.

1. As long as you are stopping in a campgroud or RV park every night, they will have a place for you to dump your trash.

As Pianotuna noted, the RV house battery should charge as you drive and if you plug in at night in a campground.

1.1 I am not sure what you mean by temporary parking. Most places have a set charge for an overnight stay - whether you come in at 4PM or 1AM and stay for 14 hours or 4 hours.

1.2 The cost for a spot with full hookups (electric, water, and sewer) will probably be in the range of $25 to $40 a night. The wide range is determined mostly by how nice the park is, how many extra amenities (pool, playground, etc.) the park has, and so forth.

At this time of year, many parks do not have the office open very late (like 9 or 10PM). In your situation, I would advise against getting to any park after dark.

2. If you are going to be driving around in an RV looking for places to eat, remember that may restuarants will not have parking lots large enough for an RV.

2.1 While you may not need reservations this time of year during the week as you travel from New York to Orlando, you may want to get reservations in the Orlando area before you get there.

2.2 Again, as previously noted, RV parks have varying office hours. I repeat, you would be wise to get to your nightly destination before dark (about 7-8PM right now.).

I could give you all sorts of other advice, but I wouldn't know where to stop. Let me just say that I hope you are taking at least 3 days to drive the more than 1000 miles from New York to Orlando.

Good luck with your trip and the children.
I would love to get an update about the trip, if possible!
Got back from the trip for almost 2 weeks so far. Sorry for not coming to this board right after getting back, as we've been so busy about continuing the treatment to our children. We had a very great time in Florida. Weather was soooo hot there (anyway we are all familiar with it, comparing how hot in Thailand). Thank you so much for all your replies. Those helped us get though our trip smoothly.
On the way down to Florida, we stopped at Walmart twice for shopping and then cooking for our children. We got into the tunnel in Baltimore by accident. Fortunately, we didn't get caught (heard from a guy at KOA that we might have to pay $2000 in case we got pulled over... wow!). I loved stopping at Flying J very much, as we could do almost everything with our RV there (fill up gas, dispose gray and black water, refill fresh water...).
There were totally 9 adults and 2 children in this trip. All traveled in one 30 feet RV! too crowded and busy, but's fun and warm.
Thank you again guys for all your supports and talk to you real soon!
Glad you had a good trip! Is it over now? or are you continuing on to somewhere else?
It's over now. Our next trip is flying back home in Thailand : )
Anyway, we plan to come here again (to continue the treatment for our kids) may be in October. That time we will travel in a RV again for sure, as my kid love it so much
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