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Full Version: Natchez Trace
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Florida Native
Natchez Trace. We have been on a small part of this, but are thinking about doing the whole 450 miles when we go on our big trip next week. Anybody else do this and if so, how was it?
John Blue
We ran Natchez Trace from Natchez to Nashville years ago. Two years ago we ran it from Nashville south but had to drop off due to poor weather but we did cover more than half of the Trace. Plan to spend time in Natchez as well, full of history. The Trace has a lot of free campgrounds and other RV parks that are good as well. Check this website and you will find them. Parkway has places to pull off road if not full of cars (spring and fall best time to go). We found shops and stores in a couple places. Roads are excellent and you have no trucks. Speed limit is low around 45 MPH but you can see more that way. Great trip and we plan to run this route again soon. biggrin.gif
Florida Native
Thanks a lot John. We will be going South to North and have already done the last 30 or 40 miles or so above Natchez which we loved. We will pick up about where we started South last time. My wife makes all navigational decisions as well as just about all other decisions. I will report our results.
Florida Native
I am wondering if all of the storms will making camping difficult?
John Blue
Some places may be gone by now or in a different state. sad.gif
We did the entire Trace from Nashville to Natchez on our way to AZ last October. We loved it!! The road is in good shape; there is little traffic; and the scenery is beautiful in a quiet Southern way. It's much like the Blue Ridge Parkway. There are some very nice state parks and COE campgrounds on the route. I highly recommend the route.
My wife and I did the Trace from Nashville to Ackerman, Mississippi years ago. It's is a nice, uninterrupted ride. We looked at the Meriweather Lewis and the Jeff Busby campgrounds, but did not camp. Both were clean, no showers or hookups though. A recent review of the Meriwether Lewis campground indicates new bath houses.

Also, I have seen some National Park Service safety bulletins in the past that indicate two items of interest:

A. Drug running at night (no traffic lights, and a straight shot from Natchez to Nashville).
B. There are some local crossroads across the route, especially in Mississippi. Some locals apparently slow down but do not stop at these crossings and there have been accidents at times.

There are many, many stops of historical interest, so plan to go well under the 45 MPH speed if you are averaging out your journey in time. Also, north of Meriwether Lewis campground, the speed is 35 MPH up to Nashville. Speed limits are enforced by NPS personnel.

Otherwise, it is a wonderful journey, and enjoy your trip.

Florida Native
We are on it now about 10 miles from the birth place of Elvis. Will see it tomorrow, but I think he has left the building. Very pretty scenery and interesting sights. Very little traffic and easy drive. We might or might not finish tomorrow. We'll see what we find.
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