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Full Version: Rv Parks Along The Mississippi
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Be aware that RV parks along the Mississippi (and rivers that feed into the Mississippi) that are on high ground are filling up fast with evacuees from the flooding. I was talking with a lady who was in our RV park in Vicksburg, MS, that we spent the last two nights in and she said it may be weeks before she can go back home. Evacuation notices are being posted in a lot of areas and a lot of these people will be spending days, weeks or maybe months in RV parks.
Jerry S
I've just been through that area in the past week and would like to add that many RV parks near the Mississippi River have been closed for days and may be closed a while longer. The Lady Luck Casino RV park in Caruthersville, MO, Sam's Town and Hollywood Casino RV parks in Tunica (Robinsonville), MS, and the River View RV park in Vidalia, LA are all closed because they are all on the river side of their area levees. All the related casinos are also closed.

I don't know how much of the crowding of other area parks is due to locals moving to the RV parks, but some of the increase is due to parks like those above being closed. I also do not know if any of these parks have actually flooded - some of the closings a cautionary rather than because the parks are flooded. Once this "flood of the century" threat has passed, some parks may be able to reopen right away - others may have to do some repairs first.

I am hoping that some of these parks are available at the end of the month when I head back north.
Florida Native
We are on a trip up the Natchez Trace and got as far as Tupelo and decided to cross the Mississippi while the crossing was good. We crossed at Hellina a few days ago and the Highway Patrol had the bridge down to one lane and was letting traffic cross alternately. The whole bridge was shaking and it was pretty scarey. There was flooding a pretty good ways in also. We were drivng North about 15 or 20 miles away and the streams and rivers were flowing backwards at a very fast clip. There would be a flooded area 5 miles wide with a 100 foot long bridge in the center indicating the normal width of the river. We have decided to reroute our trip without the Mississippi on it now we are on the Western side. It will be months before we cross back and it will all be settled own. From what I have heard on local radio's the flood victims first choice is to go to relatives, but I suspect that many will go to RV parks also. Best to call ahead or just stay away.
what about the campgrounds in the Coopers Landing area? are the flooded/full...we were coming that direction this next weekend. Need to be close to Fulton, any recommendations?
Jerry S

You need to be more specific with your question. Where is Cooper's Landing? The only Cooper's Landing I am familiar with is near Columbia, MO on the Missouri River. I do not believe there is any flooding problem in that area.
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