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Full Version: Winnebago Factory Tour
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Florida Native
We just took the tour and it was really great to see how the motor home was made. We had taken the Newmar tour several years ago. Several things of general interest came out. They have dropped production from 200 units a week to 100. They are really concentrating on the smaller units. They run 13 per day of the small Mercedes engine (some Fords) and 7 per day Class A and DP. I thought this was very telling what is going on. The Mercedes is reported to get 17 mpg. I think we could travel in it, but not enough room for our "stuff". We are in ND now and headed for Glacier National Park. Getting down to 30 tonight. We had to stop and both get long underwear. A reminder to you who have reverse cycle heating, it doesn't work below about 38 degrees. Mine kept switching over to propane and I thought it was broken, but the power center remembered.
When you did your tour, did they let you down on the floor when building the units. Wife and I went 7 years ago and wasn't impressed with the tour. Was up on cat walks in a few of the areas. Otherwise just rode around in a bus as the driver told us what was being done in certain areas. Have they improved the tour any?
Florida Native
We were not allowed on the floor for safety reasons which I can fully understand. Too many lawyers out there. We were up over it and I was very impressed. Most of the time was in the buildings and the bus was to get from one to the other. Our guide was a retired engineer that had worked there 35 years. We did the Newmar factory tour which was all on the floor, but behind the "yellow" line and it was about the same. Both very interesting and highly recommended.
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