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Full Version: Rubbery Elastic Sticky Stuff
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I confess, I didn't do a search. Frankly, I just didn't know what to search for, I don't know the name of the product. blink.gif

A while back, I was on line and saw this product being advertised that would allow you to stick something to a counter or other horizontal surface. It sounded like that rubbery, elastic sticky stuff that is used to close some envelopes received in the mail.

Anyway, it says it can be reused and comes up intact, rather easily.

I really wish I had book marked the page......anyone got a clue what I'm looking for ? unsure.gif

(no, not two sided tape, but kinda like that laugh.gif )
See if this is what you're looking for.

We have found that the rubbery shelf liner stuff works pretty well, also. We have it under our coffee maker and toaster oven and neither has flown off the counter--yet.
QUOTE(Texasrvers @ Jul 2 2011, 08:09 PM) *

See if this is what you're looking for.
We have found that the rubbery shelf liner stuff works pretty well, also. We have it under our coffee maker and toaster oven and neither has flown off the counter--yet.

Thanks Texasrvers, I'll give the second one a shot, it sounds like what we're looking for. I heard from a friend that RVs that some of the rubbery shelf liner stuff has a tendency to discolor the shelf. If you haven't experienced this, I'd sure appreciate you tell me which brand you use. Since we're in a B, we'd like stuff to be as quiet as possible while we're driving down the road.

Course, being 60+ helps in that regard laugh.gif (notice toothless grin)
I have bought that stuff many different places (mostly Walmart and Camping World), and I cannot tell you a brand name for sure except Easy Shelf Liner comes to mind. I have used several different colors (black, white, blue, burgundy, tan), and I have it everywhere in the RV, and have never had any discoloration. The only difference I've found is that some brands seem to be a little thicker than others.

This product usually comes in rolls, but recently I purchased some placemats that are made out of it at Camping World. And I actually use some of them as place mats. I have put the stuff inside cabinets and drawers and on tops of counters. I am truthful when I say that our coffee pot and toaster oven sit on the placemats on top of the kitchen counters, and they have never been bumped off. I also put pieces of it between dishes and pots and pans to keep them from rattling. It is even under the catsí litter box to keep it from sliding around in the shower (thatís where we keep it). It is also great to use as a jar/lid gripper. Now Iím sounding like a salesman for the product, but I really am only a user. It is just a great product and has way more uses than I can name. No RV should be without it. biggrin.gif
You can get poster putty at WalMart, craft stores, etc:
Mounting putty

I use Museum Gel:
Museum gel

It's invisible.

Thank-you all. I appreciate the time you took to inform me about these products. smile.gif

I'll give the Easy Shelf Liner product a shot Texasrvers. I must have misunderstood what product my friend was talking about. As little space as we have in a B, we still plan to take our toaster and coffee maker. So this material would be useful both as a rattle trap when we put the items away, and to keep them stable on the counter top.

We're also going to temporarily adhere items to Corian surfaces, which should be non-porous enough to use just about any of the products both you and Denali mentioned, but I'll test them out in an inconspicuous place (if I can find one) first. On the Corian home page it mentions that you should always wipe up spills of liquids rather than let them dry, as they tend to discolor darker Corian products. Think I'll go with the putty stuff you were talking about earlier Texasrvers.
Just to clarify, I have never actually used the putty. I, too, had heard of it and just did a google search to find it. I have used the shelf liner--a lot. Hope these products do what you want them to.
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