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Full Version: Ac Problems
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On a recent trip with the outside temp at 90 degrees we could only cool our motor home to app. 82 degrees. Given this is a newer AC unit (2 years old), we find this hard to understand. We only had the motor home for 3 years before the first AC unit one failed. It's worth mentioning ... we use the motor home sparingly so why would we have a similar problem with the AC unit twice? Any thoughts?
Do you have one a/c unit or two?
John Blue
The A/C will only drop the temp down 18 to 20 degrees at best. The insulation in a motorhome is only around 1-1/2" in roof, walls, and floor. In a house 6 to 9" in roof, 3 to 4" in walls. The same A/C rules hold true in a house as a motorhome. This is called the temperature difference. Test the air flow at return duct and then take a reading on output duct. The reading different will be 18 to 20 degs. if system is working well. You have two 13,500 BTU systems that pull around 12.5 to 13 amps each. If you have a 35,000 BTU system this would cool better but you will need a lot more power to run it. Life cycles on motorhome AC units could run 20 years or 20 days. If everything is made right it will run a long time with no problems. Some systems are good and others not so good.
Where in the RV are you taking the temperature?

If your up near the ceiling, the temps will be higher then near the floor since cool air is heavy than hot air. The insulation in your RV may be inadequate. Have a professional check that. Lastly, you may not have your rig air tight, such as an open window or seam leak. The widow you can look for but the seam leak may require specialized work to find it.
We have one 13,5000 BTU unit. I might add here that we bought our 31C Minnie new and have already replaced the AC once. Thankfully we bought the extended warranty as it is doing the same thing it did when we had issues before which is less than adequate cooling. For example we will set the AC thermostat at 75 and the coolest temp after 5 hours was only 81 degrees with an outside temp of 90 degrees. We are taking the MH back on TH for a check of the system but hope to have some idea of what might be the cause prior to the appointment. Thanks for your help.
John Blue

The unit is sick and running at 50% or less. You only have a 9 deg drop and that is to low. The R-22 gas system may have a leak in it as well.
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