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I would like to ask the groups suggestions for ocean side RV campgrounds along the Maine coast. Where have you camped and what were your favorite camp sites?

Thank you for your replys.
We just got back from Blackwoods campground in Acadia. Dry camping (no hookups), but a 5 minute walk from the ocean, and of course you have all of Acadia to explore.

Meyer Camping
We had stayed, back in July of 2008, at the Bass Harbor campground in Bass Harbor, Maine. It was just outside of Acadia National Park and only about 1/2 mile from the ocean. I would bike down to the lighthouse to get pictures in the morning and evening and it was very beautiful.

The downside of this park was that it was quite far from the park since the inlets don't allow a direct route. There is (or at least was tongue.gif ) a shuttle bus that we took most of the time to get to the park. It saved me from having to drive everywhere but it added time. The park, at the time, was being slowely renovated and we would stay there again. I enjoyed that it was away from the hustle and bustle, very relaxing. I do recall that the sites were pretty close together but that didn't bother us since we were rarely there.

Acadia has wonderful bike paths but you need to know that there is very little of it that is level so it will be a workout but I considered it to be well worth it.
In 2009 we stayed for a week at a wonderful resort in Old Orchard Beach. The beach was a Hal mile walk from the rear of the CG, which made it about a mile walk from the front of it. The place a had 2 pools and 4 Hittite however, so the kids preferred staying there rather than going to the ocean. Also, it's a pretty commercial town, and I didn't think the beaches very nice, but the CG was great. It was called Wild Acs, and has been renamed as NASCAR. I did notice some more recent posts that were not as positive.
Meyer Camping
QUOTE(rvmamabel @ Aug 26 2011, 11:44 PM) *

The place a had 2 pools and 4 Hittite however, so the kids preferred staying there rather than going to the ocean.

OK, I just have to ask! I know what a pool is but what in the world is a Hittite, other than the people mentioned in Old Testament smile.gif ? Is it safe to assume that you meant "hottub" and autocorrect reached out and got you? blink.gif
I recommend: Sunset Point RV Trailer Park in Lubec.
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