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Full Version: Cell/smart Phone Access
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Wi-Fi is important, but more and more we are carrying Smart Phones. I think RV Park Reviews needs to start tracking Cell Phone access. I understand power levels vary by plan and provider, but there are only a few major providers (ATT, Sprint, Version) and it would be nice to have some way to see how well we can connect. Anyone got thoughts?
John Blue
I add this information in comments on all my reviews. I do not down rate a park due to no cell service, only note it. I see this type of comments a lot, (my cell phone did not work here), tells me zero information. OK what service do you use?

We use Verizon cell and air card on 3G. If it works then great, if not get out and do camping things. We do the same with Wi-Fi as well, note it so other people can see if it will work here. The more information the better we like it.
There are really a good many variables to consider. My employers have Verizon. He gets cell phone reception at their home but she does not. Same carrier but different phones. I think mentioning service in your comments would be a great idea but only if you mention your carrier. No campground should be graded down because your carrier might not have a tower close to them.
We also note cell reception levels and mention carriers. Using an absolute measure would probably not work as cell reception can also vary by phone brand/model. We do not use cell reception in the grade, but IMO the narrative is much more important than the grade anyway.
I agree, we should at least mention the cell service provider and recption in the narrative. Better yet as a bullet point in the review (like restroom clean). I had not made it a point to mention cell service in the review until our verizon cells and router did not work at a Cg this spring whereas others got signal with AT&T, very inconvenient to go into town once a day just to check messages and return calls. had we known before hand, we would have made arrangements to borrow an AT&T phone from our company.
I agree that cell phone access is not the responsibility of the RV park and I try to mention it as well but it is inconsistent. If RVPRs monitored that might prompt others to comment.
As a park owner I don't object to mentioning cell service in the narrative but I wish you would also tell your service provider. When I call them I am only one customer with a complaint. When you all call it is hundreds of complaints.
Good suggestion.
I have an iPad, with AT&T 3G, and depend on cell reception to get online, whenever WI-FI is not available. I want to keep up with email and be able to search for campground and tourist information from my lawn chair. So it would be helpful to hear about cell, as well as WI-FI conditions as part of RV Park reviews.
For Instance, here at Fort Custer State Rec. Area, near Battle Creek, MI, there is no WI-FI, but do have 5 bars of signal on AT&T 3G.
I cast my vote with those who want to see a more organized way in the listings to let readers know about the quality of network links of all types.

I respect those who camp to get away from it all. But I believe more and more of us who are out there want and need to stay connected as we travel, whether for news, family, or their portfolios. More and more of us have smartphones, iPads, laptops, whatever, and being able to access the outside world is not a luxury but a necessity. Frankly, for me at least, this is way more important than whether the place has a swimming pool.

Too many CG's are shown as having WiFi but when one arrives it turns out the quality is bad, sometimes to the point that it is not useable. Cell service is becoming the preferred method to stay on-line while away from home, not to mention to stay in touch with family and friends, and too frequently service is bad to non-existent.

Complete and reliable information about the quality and breadth of network links at various CG's, cell service by carrier and wifi, would be a truly useful addition to the information on this site.
The reason I go camping is to 'disconnect' from society and technology as much as possible. While I bring a cellphone (for emergencies only), I leave the laptop and other electronic devices at home.

That being said, for those who really feel the need to stay 'plugged in', cellular service would be a nice campground feature to have rated, and some folks (full-timers, in particular) are able to conduct business on-the-road, and having strong cellular and WiFi signals are a necessity.
I respect those that need the cell service - and they should write about it in their review. But points should not be taken off if cell service is bad. Most CG's were built before cell phones became readily available. Blame Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, whoever, that decided not to expand in the CG's area.

Now if the CG advertises Wi-Fi and it doesn't work, that's a different story.
Florida Native
Since we have gotten our Android and use it for internet tethering if no WiFi available, I mention it only if non is available which doesn't happen too often for us (Verizon).
No cell service at an rv park is significant and many times I mention it and my service carrier in my write ups. I agree rv parks should not be downgraded on this point. On the other hand listing wifi as available and not having it work or hardly work is definitely a black mark when I do ratings. I also think not being able to get sat dishes to work is significant.
Steve & Mary
I mention Verizon cell and internet card reception in all of my reviews. I also mention if I was able to set-up my Directv dish. As far as some not caring, I think it's better to have too much information than not enough.
I think there is a big difference between camping and RVing. Camping to me is a weekend or maybe up to 2 weeks. RVing is when you invest in a unit that is your second home and take it out for months at a time.
Therefore, when we RV we need reliable wifi, cell coverage and satellite TV. It is our home on wheels for months on end. We look for sites that have these services above swiming pools and woodlands. There is a need for both types of sites. People who work all week might need a break from the city and need a heavily wooded sites. Retirees might need recreation, friendship and some telecommunications. Semi-retired might need more telecomunication and a way to get into the nearest large city.
All review information is welcome, it doesn't need to reflect in the rating (which should rate the quality of the campground and the way it was advertised).
Trust us to filter out what we need from the review. More is better.
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