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Now that iphone and droid are more common place (good sam even has an app) are there any apps you have found useful in or around the RV other than gas buddy or the walmart store locator?
John Blue
Do you use this link? It works on IPads as well. smile.gif
Florida Native
We used the Camp and RV App which is made by Allstays. It has 14,000 campgrounds plus all the Wal-Marts and if they allow overnight, state and national parks and it is all tied into GPS direction. It is amazing. I used to ask my wife how far to the campground. She would respond around an hour or so. Now she says 49.2 miles and 57 minutes. You can search by town or by present location. We used it every day. Google Places is also neat, You can ask it for campground, ETC. It also has parks, restaurants, reviews, gas and the like. We also use Passport America fee app. We have an Android and on our last trip it revolutionized how we found things. The Allstays is $3.99 I believe and Goggle Earth is free. These are much more updated than the paper types.
I have used the All Stays RV app and I too really like it, it is so much easier than using the books.

I have also used Weatherbug (free). This app tells you the current weather and 7 day forecast for the location of your cell phone. In addition it shows the Doppler Radar map which I think is particularly handy for traveling.

Swiss Army Knife App is a 5 in 1 app which has a compass, level, ruler, flashlight, and stopwatch. Because you never know when.....

We have talked about Gas buddy on this forum, very handy.

"I heart radio", and "tunein" are apps that let you listen to your favorite radio program without fading out of range while traveling, for those that do not have satalite radio. I prefer tunein.

For those that use and like the "Next Exit" books, it is available as an app I believe called iexit. I have not used.
Meyer Camping
We use the Fuel Finder version of Gas Buddy. I would second the Weatherbug app, a must have in my book! I also use Road Trip to keep track of all my fuel costs and other expenses for the truck. I just added an app called Elevation that tells me the current, you guessed it, elevation. The Fox Sports app keeps me up to date on my favorite teams and ESPN NFL 11 keeps me up to speed on my fantasy football team.

One final app is called Fast Food and I use it to find grocery stores, pharmacies, etc. Invaluable when you don't know the town you are in!
Florida Native
I have a free altimeter app that tells elevation above sea level. One thing to watch for is it does it by GPS not by any kind of testing (after all it is a phone). If you are on the ground floor of a building and get an elevation and go up to the 10th floor, the elevation will read the same. It uses GPS to see where you are on the earth and then compares it to a database for the elevation of the ground at that point. I must admit, I tested this by going up to the 10th floor and felt a little foolish.
I really like a free ap called Biz Locator. it allows you to find a business by name or catagory, by map or list, either where you are or by city, and provides turn by turn directions from where you are.
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