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ohmy.gif I am new to this board, so don't know if this topic has already been covered. My wife and I are in our 60's, and generally RV without kids, grand kids, dogs, or loud music. We would like to learn about RV facilities that maybe don't have a pool, game room, and zip lines, but do have nice, clean public facilities, spacious campsites, and tend to attract older RVers.
We live in SW Michigan, and would be most interested in learning about nearby (100 miles from Kalamazoo) sites.
To get things started, I can say that we have often stayed here at Fort Custer State Recreation Area, near Battle Creek. We have come here in a truck camper, small fifth-wheel, and now in a 19' hybrid trailer. We always bring our bikes, as there are lots of paved and cross-country trails to explore. Many families with small children, and lately, lots of (barking) dogs.
I had to complain at the office last night, for the first time in 10 years of camping here, due to loud music from a nearby campsite. Staff made several visits to the offenders, who finally turned down the volume.
Campsites are separated by lots of vegetation, including mature trees, so privacy is very good.
Overall, for seniors, I would rate this as a B+. A better rating would require an on-site store (though ice and firewood are available) and water hook ups. (all sites are electric only-30 amp). This is a good value, at $21/night and a Michigan Passport is needed.
The easiest way to find campgrounds that meet your needs is to click on the "Campground Search" button above. That will take you to a page where you can use the right hand side to choose the town you want to be near and then set the miles to 100. A little farther down you can check off the amenities you want. This process will list all the campgrounds in a 100 mile radius form your chosen town that have the features you are looking for. After that you can read the reviews that have been posted for the parks and they will give you a good idea of the atmosphere at the campground and what the sites are like.

As for the second part of your post, I suggest that you write this up as a review by using the "Submit Review" button. That way other members who are trying to find out information about Fort Custer will find your review of it.
I,too, am a senior so I understand your concerns. We have mostly avoided the loud music, crowds, wild kids and loose doggies by not camping on weekends. Also, I have observed that campgrounds on lakes with no wake boating only, are quieter. People who fish are generally older and since they get up early to fish they hit the sack early too. Even the best public campgrounds occasionally get inconsiderate campers. Good for you. You did what you needed to do and complained. Unless we complain these rude people will just keep on imposing on the rest of us. Their kind rarely show up at private parks. They don't like to pay the price and private parks call the cops. They tend to justify their bad behavior in public parks by claiming it is their right as tax payers. As if the rest of us weren't taxpayers also.

I enjoy camping at state parks--many states have a senior pass that holds expenses down. You usually get the most for your money at state parks. But they aren't always located where you want to go.

The Golden Age Pass knocks 50% off in national campgrounds but that usually means learning to live without hookups, public showers and flush toilets. You have to keep in mind you get what you pay for. However,,there are a few
BLM, NFS COE facilities with hookups and showers. I go to a BLM park in NM with electric, water and showers plus paved roads and pads and most importantly, to me, large sites and 360 degree scenery. With my Golden Age I pay $10.

I live in CO but I have camped in MI back in 2004. I liked their state parks but I was camping in a tent. It wouldn't relate to your needs.

Hope this helps.
Cubbie2003 - where is that BLM park in NM? I go thru there every year and might like to try it out if it's anywhere close to any of my routes thru NM. Thanks.
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