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Full Version: Rv Road Atlas For California
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What is the best RV Road Atlas for California? Are there any that list low tunnels, narrow bridges and gas stations, restaurants, etc?
I have come to really like the DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteers!!! I buy one for every state we travel in and when I go on business trips! They are topographical, list just about all backroads, list campgrounds, boat ramps, all kinds of stuff. I love them. I usually find the ones I need either at Wal-mart or at Barnes and Noble.
I have the California gazetteer and the ISBN is 0-89933-383-4
They are rather expensive, but I have found well worth it. The CA one cost $24.95.
My wife travels alot here locally to surrounding towns and counties for her job, and she bought her own, as she always grabbed my homestate gazetteer.
I use them with a GPS and it makes getting around very easy!!
Hope this helps!
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