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Full Version: Making Reservations
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When is a good time to make reservations? I was thinking as we travel and make them about a week ahead of time but have heard that months ahead might be better. Months would require more planning ahead of time.

Most campgrounds have room during the week, but weekends can be full. Especially holiday weekends, campgrounds around us fill up almost a year in advance. Even if full, sometimes campgrounds will allow a camper to stay just overnight in their parking lot, but don't depend on this.

Many times campgrounds have last minute cancellations or no-shows, but it is tricky to depend on this.

Keep in mind seasons, up here in New England many campgrounds close after October and don't open until April.
You do not say where and when you want to stay. If you want to snowbird in Florida at popular campgrounds or state parks, you need to reserve a year in advance. Yellowstone, Walt Disney World, etc. same thing. Most COE and state park campgrounds near large cities, especially if there is a lake involved, are full most of the time in the summer. In some non resort areas with short seasons (IN/OH/MI) choices are limited and space may be hard to find when school is not in session. For overnights during the week we rarely make reservations, but most of the time we are flexible enough that we can go down the road a few miles. If we want to stay in a particular place we reserve as soon as we know that is where we want to go.
jmcf46, it might be helpful if you gave an idea of what type of trip your are making. If you are traveling as far distance to get to a spicific destination, then I wouldn't worry too much about the places you need to stay in on the way there.
While traveling, we generally will just call ahead that morning to see if our chosen campground has space available. At our destination though, we will make a reservation a month ahead of time to make sue we arn't disapointed. If it's a big destination we arn't sure on (yellowstone, Disney, Grand Canyon, etc.) we will check on availablity 6 months in advance, and maybe make reservations then.
Special events require reservations many times. For example we went to Frontier Days in Cheyenne WY this summer. We called 3 months in advance and all the good spots were already taken. We also saw very full campgrounds near Glacier Park, the Ocean in CA, Cour D Aelene ID. Outside of those places there were always spaces.

As others have said above, it depends on where and when you are going. It's also a good idea to call the prospective campground directly to let them know your plans and ask for their advice. As a general rule, the earlier the better. Although some campgrounds/state parks accept reservations only after a certain date (e.g., some Canadian provincial parks).
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