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I plan on staying at the koa in Williamsburg va. I called and they gave me a rate of $36.90 which includes elect, sewer and water. With card it is a 10% discount. Is it worth it? Card costs about $24.00/year. I plan on staying about 3 days. I have heard good and bad about koa's. The one in Williamsburg seems highly rated.
If that is all you are going to use it is three days.Why spend 24 dollars to save $11.07?
I have heard good and bad about koa's.

A few KOAs are spectacularly good, a few are spectacularly awful. Most are fair to middlin. They tend to be on the expensive end for the area and are whined about for their "keep on adding" charges for each activity and visitor. They, however, are often conveniently located near major highways, have a good online reservation system, and are fairly consistent in the type of facilities offered (pool, dog walk, etc.). If the price of the Value Card is important only you can decide whether you will stay at them enough to justify.
John Blue
We have looked at every campground in Williamsburg. Most are on the poor side. The KOA was in that group as well. We used American Heritage RV Park and found it to work very well. Park has everything anyone would need. Also pull up the reviews and read what other people have to say on each park. smile.gif

Meyer Camping
We have found that, when traveling from one destination to another, that KOAs offer one very useful benefit. They almost always can be counted on to have long, level pull-thru (through tongue.gif ) sites. This allows us to not have to unhook our travel trailer for the night, greatly speeding setup and take down time. This, for us, justifies the higher cost of the KOA, making the Kamper Kard a worthwhile investment. If you're just spending the three nights, it would be hard to justify the cost.

Your mileage may vary!
The breakeven for the KOA card is six nights, if you know that you will be staying at a KOA more than six nights per year than its a good deal. You will likely make good use of the card if you have a particular KOA in your area that you like or you are traveling across country. Since you can purchase a card at anytime, I would not bother unitl you know there are more than 6 nights at a KOA in your future (1 year) plans.
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