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Okay I know there are some on here that are, or have been camp host. I would like information on this if anyone has information on how to get into this I would appeciate it.
Camp Hosts are typically in Parks ( State, COE etc) You might want to check out Workamper News. It is a network of and for workampers across the country. It has an online resume service, job search service, and the ability to network with workampers the web address is:

Also try very similar to, but an little more polished web design and a little more focused on planning your workamping career, kind of preparing you to be "living the dream".

Lastly, if you can stand to stay in KOA's they are the largest employer of workampers. They periodically sponsor job fairs, and Work Kamper University which is to train workampers to work in KOA's in the various jobs around the KOA parks i.e. grounds maintenance, service desk, general maintenance etc. It also serves as a good resume builder, because trust me you are not going to want be locked into all KOA, all the time. Private CG owner/managers like the resume and letters of reference from previous CGs in picking you over someone else. For a fee, as I recall, of around $35 KOA will allow you to post your resume and availabilty on KOA website for their camp mangers who are looking for workampers. Typical assignments are 30 to 60 days. and KOA provides up to 5 nights free camping to help cover the cost between assignments. If your are interested in KOA their website is:

There are lots of other similar websites but, I hope this helps to get you started, best of luck.
If you want to get a hosting job at a state park, google and find the web site for each state, then look for the "volunteer" link.

Washington State requires fingerprints, it's a "pedophile" check. Other states don't.

Also, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Minnesota, and North Dakota (all that I know of right now_) allow 30 day assignments. California wants 3-6 months. Each state has different requirements and different minimums. Colorado and Georgia have a two month minimum.

If you want to host at a Federal park, go to:

As for county and city parks, well, basically you gotta "know someone."
Okay thanks, sounds like a good place to start.
I usually stick with the federal parks. As long as the job gets done, there doesn't seem to be as much 'meddling' in the way we do it.

I too like Pay attention to the utility amenities that will be available for a host. Also, know that federal parks can be off the beaten path so cell and internet coverage may not be available. You can always call the volunteer coordinator to ask about all of those things.
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