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Full Version: Wi-fi in parks
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I'm a computer junkie and won't spend the $$ for a satellite service, so we look for parks with internet access.

In the past 6 months, we've found several parks offering various types of wifi. Our first experience was with Lone Star Resort in Austin, TX where they had wifi service to the campsite for $4 per 24 hour period. It was fast and reliable - just wonderful. This was my basis for comparison for the rest of the trip.

I found an internet site listing coast to coast park soffering wifi through various providers, so we traveled across the country and tried to stay at those parks. To my dismay, I found that wifi in some parks is ONLY available in the office (these were Jellystone parks in Montana). As we headed back east, we chose a KOA in Nashville - and found that their wifi was $4 PER HOUR. Lesson learned - I ask what wifi means in their park before I make a reservation.

I'd be interested in feedback with parks where you've stayed where they offer wifi that's reasonably priced and at the campsite. Thanks.

Wi-Fi is becoming the greatest ripoff in RV travel. Not only have prices soared to, sometimes, as much as $35. weekly, but many parks have done away with the courtesy telephone line for regular computer modems in an effort to generate more income. We became very frustrated with this practice (next thing, they'll be charging for the pool, or for use of the bathrooms), and we did something about it. Last year, we installed a DataStorm system on our coach, and we are delighted with it. We get instant internet (and telephone service), and it is extremely high speed and reliable, no matter where we are in the park. We still have our wi-fi card for the computer, but we only use it in those rare circumstances when we cannot get through to the satellite (a park with heavy tree cover, etc.). As long as those of us who use our computers are willing to be suckered, they'll continue to rip us off. (And, please, nobody should write in and tell me to leave my computer at home and enjoy the outdoors. I must have my computer.) tongue.gif
What was your original cost for the DataStorm and what is the monthly charge?
Thank you
The original cost for all hardware and software, including installation, was around $5,500. The monthly cost for internet is $98 and the monthly cost for unlimited telephone use via Ground Control is $25. I think it is one of the best investments in our motorhome we have ever made but I could caution you that all installers are not equal and it is important it be done right. Our installation was completed by Bill Adams of InternetAnywhere (he also did Willie Nelson's), and he is known to be among the very best. He and his wife travel the country installing these systems and will meet you anywhere.
Thank you very much for the information. It sounds like you will never look back!!!!!!
My wife and I are going to think about it over a Starbucks!
We decided on the Verizon National Access plan that includes a pcmcia card for the laptop for $150 after rebate and then we chose the $80 a month unlimited. Of course the coverage can't match the anywhere of the Datastorm, but it suits our travels and I've only been unable to use it for about 3 weeks this year while in rural areas. When I haven't been able to use it my Verizon cellphone can be used to download email with the cost being the minutes used.

If you routinely need access for whatever reason then the Datastorm or Direcway systems seem appropriate.

We just wanted access for personal reasons and the Verizon plan has worked fine for us.

I agree WIFI has gotten a whole lot of campgrounds excited about another revenue stream. If you visit the forums on, they are building a list of WIFI parks that you can download. Look at the top of the campgrounds thread for the thread on WIFI locations.
Here's a list of verified, FREE WiFi (yes Matilda, free and in the comfort of your rv) KOAs:

Point South, SC
Anderson/Lake Hartwell, SC

Bristol/Kingsport, TN
Chattanooga South, TN/GA

Fayetteville/Wade, NC

Hagerstown/Snug Harbor, MD

Natural Bridge/Lexington, VA
Staunton/Verona, VA

Louisville South, KY
Bowling Green, KY

Springfield, IL
Chicago NW, IL

Rochester/Marion, MN

St. Ignace/Mackinac Isaland, MI

Hayti/Portageville, MO

Their actual locations can be found here KOA Website

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