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Full Version: Ants And Other Critters
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An rv'er told me to get some good ant repellant and spray it around the wheels and supports.
Are ants Etc. a problem? Makes sense but is it necessary? If so what is a good repellant.

Ooh! just thought of another point. Is it a good idea to spray silicone along the slideout rail?

Ants can be a problem depending on where you are parked. We avoid parking near trees because ants and other critters can drop from limbs. Boric acid sprinkled around tires, water hoses, sewer hoses, etc is probably the best repellant. We also put some ant traps in strategic locations inside in case some get into the rv. We also carry some fire ant killer for when we are parked where fire ants are, but some places we stay do not want you to use your own.

Most slide outs require some kind of lubrication. Check your owner's manual or the manufacturer or dealer for advise on the right kind and location.
John Blue
We carry Demon WP, Boric acid, Amdro (for fire ants) and couple more insecticides. The time of year set the tone for ants problems. In warm weather you will find them in most places. In cooler times of the year, no problems. Ants will move up the power cable, water hose, TV cable, and tires. I go around and look to see if they are around and if yes work on them. Demon is very good. It is water based, no staining, no oil, no smell, kills for a week or two if ants or any insects walk over the stuff. Will not be a problem for pets.
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